After one more week of enjoying the Eid holiday, now is the time for you to focus on getting back into business. Of course, a more relaxed mind and body after the holidays will make you more prepared to make your business more advanced. In addition to having a new spirit, you also need to prepare tips to increase sales in your business. Let’s find out the tips below!


Start with simple things


Although rarely realized, starting things from simple steps is actually important. So, when you want to maximize sales after the Eid holiday, then you can start with small tasks, such as checking email. Although it looks easy, basically this trick will help your brain to increase productivity.

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Collaborate with business partners


Maybe, you are not someone who likes to start small. Of course, this trend is not a problem. If you have a plan to collaborate with other partners, then start that plan! Collaboration between business owners can provide benefits from various aspects, such as brand awareness, revenue, to ease of business management.


Extend the Eid promotion period


Are you holding promotions for Eid? If so, try to extend the promotional period. This is aimed at increasing the enthusiasm of potential customers so that they will take part in the promo. The extension of this promotion can also be your opportunity to expand the reach of your target customers.

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Create a new promotional program


In addition to extending the previous promotional program, you can also increase your sales potential through a new promotional program. Try to create programs that are related to the customer’s daily life, for example, such as bundling promos so that customers don’t have to bother ordering several types of goods or services. If you use a different idea from the previous program, it is very likely that the promotion can attract customers to make a purchase.


Give appreciation to customers


The progress of the business that you run cannot be separated from the support of loyal customers who buy your products. Therefore, make sure to give them appreciation, for example through special promotions sent to their e-mail or certain gifts such as product samples. Maybe, at first it doesn’t look like a way to increase sales. But actually, when you maintain good relationships with customers, those customers will also refer your business to other people.


Introduce a new product or service


If you want to get more and more customers, then first you need to attract the attention of potential customers first. During the post-Eid holiday, take advantage of the opportunity to introduce the latest products that suit customer needs. In addition, you can also introduce services such as Cashlez cashless payment facilities so that customers can transact conveniently and practically.


Create Unique Visual Designs


If in the past the promotion method was limited only through print media, now you can also use online media to introduce your business superiority. One of the platforms that you should not miss is social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. There, you can load content with unique designs so that the audience is more interested and finds out more about your business.

In addition to taking advantage of the moment before Eid, you also shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make potential customers interested in shopping. Through the right strategy, of course the products and services you offer can be an attraction for customers.

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