It should be that business operators evaluate the businesses that have been run, especially now that we have entered a new year. Through this evaluation, we will find out whether we have reached the target set or not. And later, we also need to determine what we can do. Five effective tricks to improve business in 2020 will help us to understand it.


1. Invite your customers to leave a review

If so far we have only relied on conventional promotion, then now is the time for us to apply a new strategy that is far more effective, namely through giving ulasa. Basically, of course a word of mouth promotion will be more trusted because prospective buyers see for themselves what kind of experience our customers get.


2. Offer more flexible work to team members 

A successful business is not only influenced by the buyer, but also by internal factors, namely the people involved in the business. Therefore, you must maintain a good relationship with your staff. This does not mean you have to increase their salaries, but it can also be through simple ways such as allowing them to try other types of work and working flexibly.


3. Use technology to manage the business

If in the past only large companies could use technology to support their business, now micro-level entrepreneurs can do it. Therefore, we have no reason to continue to manage business conventionally because it will continue to take up our time and energy. Now, we can manage sales listings through the mPOS feature in the Cashlez Application. In addition, Cashlez also allows us to accept various credit / debit cards and e-wallet owned by customers.


4. Expand the network that we have

So that we can get more customers, of course we must be better known by the public. And this can start from ourselves, namely by conducting socialization so that our network will be more extensive. This can be done in person or online , for example by joining business communities and attending events that are relevant to our business.


Through the right strategy, we will be able to bring good change to our business. The strategy can be realized in various ways that we think have the most potential.

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