The fasting month is a good opportunity for business owners to run a side business. One of them is takjil business that many people look for before breaking the fast. Although the business looks simple, but actually takjil business has promising potential!

There are various types of takjil that we can find, for example various kinds of compote, fried foods, mixed ice, and young coconut ice. Now, in addition to the types of takjil, you can also sell takjil in the form of contemporary cuisine. Because besides being popular, today’s culinary delights can also be a menu choice to relieve thirst and hunger during fasting. What are the kinds of contemporary cuisine that you can try? See the review below!
1. Iced coffee milk and various non-coffee drinks
Coffee became one of the drinks that demand it. Moreover, coffee is also suitable to be processed into hot and cold drinks. As we know, now iced coffee with added palm sugar is also one of the sought after menu hits. Therefore, you can provide this menu before breaking time. In addition to ice coffee, you can also provide a variety of non-coffee drinks, such as matcha latte or chocolate ice.

2. Cheese tea
In addition to ice coffee, a drink that is also not less hits at the moment is cheese tea. As the name implies, this drink is made from a mixture of tea and cream cheese foam whose texture is very soft. The cream cheese will be placed at the top of the drink. This drink was originally sold in Taiwan. Then, cheese tea is also famous in other countries such as Singapore, China, Hong Kong, the United States, and Indonesia. In Indonesia, this type of business is usually carried out with a franchise alias franchise system.
3. Thai Mango juice
Mango juice is indeed commonly sold in Indonesia. However, did you know that there is Thai mango juice that hits and is hunted by culinary lovers in Indonesia? This mango juice uses coconut milk sauce and mango chunks at the top. In addition, the portion of Thai mango juice is also bigger than the usual mango juice. Certainly, this drink has become an attractive choice when breaking the fast.
4. Banana nuggets
Since 2017, banana nuggets have become a popular snack in Indonesia. This one menu is made from basic ingredients of banana coated with bread flour so it feels crispy. When served, banana nuggets are also mixed with a variety of delicious toppings, such as cheese, oreo, chocolate, and green tea. You can also try selling this one menu in the fasting month. You can open a pre order system and delivery service so your customers can enjoy banana nuggets at their homes.
5. Sweet Potato Ball
Another hit that you can offer when breaking the fast is sweet potato balls. Like banana nuggets, you can also create yam balls with a variety of ingredients, such as cheese, oreo, and chocolate. Meanwhile, at the top of the sweet potato ball, you can also sprinkle refined sugar to enhance the appearance of this snack.
There are various types of menu hits that you can offer customers to break their fast. This business potential is also very promising, especially if you offer additional services such as shipping services. Don’t forget to provide the Cashlez Link feature so your customers can continue to make payments even if they don’t come directly to your store!


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