Do you have a passion for business but can’t rent a place to make it happen? Take it easy, doing business requires you to rent a place. There are various types of home-based businesses that are potential, too. Moreover, running a business at home also has several advantages. You don’t need to prepare capital to rent a place and your routine is also more flexible because you can have more time for your family. Well, here are 5 home business ideas that you can try.

1. Providing top-up, internet packages, electricity tokens, and PPOB
In the past, maybe you need to prepare a lot of capital if you want to sell credit and other payment services. But now, you can become an agent with minimal capital. In addition to offering your services to neighbors, you can also sell them to anyone because you don’t need to meet customers. Just do transactions with customers online.

2. Francise trendy drinks and food
Do you want to sell but not eager to launch your own brand? If so, then running a franchise business or a franchise business can be the right choice. Nowadays, the beverage and food business is very popular, so there are a variety of franchise choices that you can buy licenses for. In this case, you only need to set up a small spot in front of your house because all equipment and products have been provided by the vendor.

3. Various legendary snacks
When you want to open a home business, you certainly need to see how the trends in your place. If your house is close to school, then opening a legendary snacks business can be the right solution. Starting from elementary school students to high school students will certainly like snacks such as egg rolls, cotton candy, to mini martabak.

4. Provides breakfast or lunch menus
Besides being located near a school, you whose home is located near the office and boarding-house area also has the opportunity to open a food business. There are many target customers who are looking for breakfast and lunch. To open this business, you need to provide a cheap menu variation. In addition, give variations to the menu so that customers are not easily bored.

5. Become a dropshipper or reseller
Maybe, one of the home-based businesses that you think about is creating an online shop. However, if creating an online shop is still complicated, it never hurts to try to become a dropshipper or reseller. If you are a dropship businessperson, you only need to sell the item from the vendor without buying it. Meanwhile, a reseller needs to provide a place to store the stock of sales goods he buys from a supplier.

Even though your efforts are still on a small scale, you cannot underestimate it. As long as the effort is done in earnest, then the results can be maximized.

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