Almost no one would have thought that the Corona virus could become a pandemic with a major impact on buying and selling activities. The social restrictions imposed by the government to reduce the spread of this virus make businesses have to adjust their businesses. Before the emergence of a pandemic, customers can usually shop together with friends and family in boutiques, shops, or shopping centers. However, since the introduction of social distancing, these activities have become unusual.

Businesses are asked to maximize online sales so that the risk of Corona virus transmission can be minimized. But in addition to switching from a physical store to an online store, businesses, especially those engaged in retailing, can also do some new normal practices. Wendi Grace Irene, one of Cashlez Merchants and owner of Olsisen, a fashion, cosmetics and health products retailer will share tips for running a business in a pandemic.

Have empathy
with the current condition
Covid-19 Pandemic is a difficult time for anyone, including your customers. Therefore, you need to empathize and find out, what can you do to meet their needs. Moreover, people’s consumption patterns have also changed. The products that are sought after are the main needs, for example such as staples. Meanwhile, people also need products that can protect them when they have to go outside. This is what makes Wendi Grace as a fashion retail business owner presenting a variety of products in the form of cloth masks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). As a dynamic person, Wendi did not consider Covid-19 as an obstacle to developing Olsisen. Because no matter how difficult the situation, there will always be an opportunity to develop as long as we can have a normal and open mindedness.

The importance of being flexible by adjusting the budget

In fact, business owners must be able to face challenges so they can be "resilient" when facing the impact of the Corona virus outbreak. Because through the challenges they get, they will increase their experience and knowledge. Since deciding to become an entrepreneur and open Olsisen in 2018, Wendi, who has a background in IT and Marketing, pioneered her own business from scratch. She makes clothing designs, prepares a sales system, plans promotions, to develops the products offered at Olsisen. Of course, doing things alone is not easy. However, Wendi enjoyed every process she undertook to develop Olsisen. One of them when she took a course in fashion business and design. Through her strong determination, Wendi also succeeded in presenting premium quality fashion products. In addition to fashion, Wendi also offers other premium products, namely cosmetics and supplements to nourish the body.

Online payment as a remote payment solution

As explained earlier, businesses are advised to offer their products online. This of course makes transaction habits change. Wendi, who runs her business through e-commerce, adjusted this situation through the use of the Cashlez Link feature. Online payment which is an innovation of the Cashlez application makes it easy to buy and sell transactions without having to meet face to face. When there is a purchase, Wendi simply sends a payment link to his customers. Then, customers can use various credit / debit cards to process payments. After the transaction process is successful, Wendi can immediately get a notification and send proof of digital payment to customers via E-mail, WhatsApp, or SMS. For Wendi, Cashlez is a mobile payment that can be used anytime and anywhere.

There are no standard that can assess the level of difficulty of each challenge, because it all depends on how we deal with it. What are you doing to your business to have a normal life amid the effects of the Corona pandemic?


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