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As we know, today’s sales are not only done in person, but also online or better known as e-commerce. In the midst of the rapid development of information technology, e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular because it is equipped with a variety of features, ranging from promotions, fund transfers, to mobile-based platforms. Moreover, e-commerce customers can also access information through the help of chatbots.

Basically, online platforms in marketplaces offer various advantages, ranging from the speed of the purchase process to a variety of payment services. Want to know what are the conveniences that businesses can get through opening an online sales stall? Check it out through the reviews below!


1. Doing business without restrictions


When selling in person, of course you will have limitations, both in the form of location restrictions and operating hours limitations. However, when you open an online store, you can offer products without time and place limitations. That’s why using e-commerce will allow you to grow bigger than you are now.


2. Complete information about the product


The online sales platform includes product pages so you can also enter any information that the customer needs to know. So, your customers can find out the use of the product as well as ensure what type of delivery service they can use. Not only that, e-commerce will also make it easier for you to install a variety of products, ranging from different colors, sizes, to materials.


3. Convenience of shopping


One of the factors that attracts customers to shop online is the easy process. They don’t need to come directly to the store and check the operating hours. The products they need can be ordered anytime and anywhere. Customers only need to wait for the courier to deliver their ordered items.


4. Non face-to-face transaction


Apart from facilitating the ordering and delivery process, online sales will also help businesses to accept cashless transactions practically. Especially if you use the Cashlez Link non-cash payment service. Through this feature, customers can choose the payment method they want on the payment link, for example online card payments, virtual accounts, and QRIS.


5. Capital is more affordable


Business actors who sell through e-commerce can save their expenses. You see, they no longer need a budget to rent a place, make designs, to pay electricity and water bills. However, that does not mean that e-commerce can always be opened for free. If you want to have your own e-commerce website, you must first pay a fee to buy a domain.


6. Get insight from customers


To improve business performance through e-commerce, you must first know how to improve the customer shopping experience. You see, when customers have a good experience, then their level of satisfaction will also increase. This will also make them more loyal to your brand.


7. Determine target prospects


If you use an online platform, you can reach target customers who match your criteria. You see, the promotion that you apply will be adjusted to their tendencies. For example, for those of you who do business in the field of children’s fashion, you can offer casual clothes that children can wear when they are at home or traveling.


For business people, opening an online business is a way to expand without spending a lot of money. You see, you don’t need a budget to rent a place and operational needs. However, of course, business management in e-commerce must also require the right strategy, starting from the planning, implementation, to the evaluation stage.


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