Do you know what can make a business actor productive? Apparently, the answer is not determined by how much time they use, but how effectively they can manage their businesses. Well, to make your business run more smoothly, you can present a business system.


It seems, making a business system does look complicated, doesn’t it? Even so, make sure you keep trying to get started so that the system can take shape. Then, the business system will make your business procedures run more practically while providing satisfactory results. So, what is an effective way to determine a business system? Follow the steps below!

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1. First understand what your goal is


First of all, you need to determine in advance what things you want to manage in your business. This can be in the form of targets to increase promotional activities or ensure that every sales transaction is recorded automatically through Cashlez Reporting. In addition, you also need to implement a business system in stages, not all at once. When you have used one system, then you can start preparing the system for other business needs.


2. Make details of your business affairs


Do you want to implement a business system that can help you and your staff perform optimally? If yes, then you also need to understand the details of the work to be carried out. Make sure you record every detail of the activities in the business that are carried out along with the necessary equipment and tools. In addition, you also need to determine whether the work is done in a team or individually and what skills will help the work.

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3. Recognize the potential for growth


If you have recorded the work that you will do, then it’s time to start figuring out how to improve your business performance. For example, to make the service time when transacting faster, you can rely on Cashlez which provides various payment options, ranging from payments by debit/credit cards to payments without face-to-face such as Cashlez Link, Virtual Account and QR Payment.


4. Conduct business system testing and evaluation


In the previous tips, you have been advised to look for opportunities that can help you improve business performance. Therefore, the next thing you need to do is try the strategy you prepared and see how it affects your business system. If the system helps you, then feel free to apply it to the whole team.


5. Improve your business system


After trying to implement a business system and conducting an evaluation, then you will know what things you can improve, such as procedures in business, the equipment needed, human resources, and the strategy that you will run. At this step, you can reorganize the business system that you have run before. Also, keep in mind that the system you have is not permanent. You see, there will always be changes that affect your business. Therefore, you also need to adjust the system that you implement based on these changes.


Business systems will always experience development. Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate to determine what system you will run. Most importantly, there must be a first step from yourself. And, also make sure to consistently carry out development and evaluation in your business.

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