Today, is there any business actor who doesn’t use social media for his business? Regardless of the scale of your business, social media is very important to introduce products as well as make sales. Because through social media, you can brand your products for free that reach a wider audience, not limited by region and time. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic that has not ended has also made many people choose online. Not surprisingly, reported from, there are 54% of MSMEs that have optimized sales through social media accounts. Despite being one of the mainstay platforms today, you need to understand how to use media effectively. Come on, see the following review to see the tricks!

1. Consistently create social media content
To do branding, you should introduce your product consistently through interesting content. This will make people interested in following social media accounts as well as seeing the development of your business. So, try to determine a schedule for posting content, for example, every Monday to Friday. Also, keep in mind that social media has algorithms so you should consider when to post yours. For example, when you post in the morning, your content will be content that appears in the audience’s feed when they just wake up.

2. Share interesting content such as viral videos and memes
There are times when you also need to share some viral content on social media to get people interested in following your account personally, not directly to see your business. Because in fact, a piece of content can go viral in that it relates to many people so it is easy to reach.

3. Distribute motivational quotes
Everyone is certainly happy to get motivation and inspiration. So, every now and then, try to share content that inspires your audience, for example through quotes. Apart from being easy to apply, these inspiring quotes can also help you to always be positive. In addition, you can also share some quotes related to your efforts to make them relevant to other content.

4. Create your own content
Apart from sharing motivational quotes, other content that you can share on your business Instagram is a photo of you and the team participating in all business matters. Just like videos that go viral, audiences will want to see what kind of brand you are building and what is being done to build that brand. There are times, moments that you think are difficult times even become moments that inspire many people. Because in real life, people tend to be attracted to glimpses of personal life.

5. Get out of your comfort zone
To "exist" on social media, you need to communicate in two directions. So, producing content alone is sufficient because you are reliable with other people. Look for posts that are relevant to your business content, then like and comment on these posts. This will give you the opportunity to find business connections as well as customer references. In fact, the key to building brand awareness on social media is connecting with other people. And people will also love to connect with brands they love.

If used effectively, social media can support your business, you know! Come on, start actively using social media and don’t forget to also use Cashlez which provides non face-to-face payments to facilitate your transactions with customers.

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