According to, e-commerce growth in Indonesia reached 78%. So, will the rapid development of online stores will result in physical stores being closed? Of course not, because the economic aspects are done both online and offline. Consistently, the number of e-commerce will indeed increase, but physical shops will still exist. Going forward, these two aspects will also be interconnected with each other in order to maximize business success.

Opening a business offline will benefit both businesses and their customers. When getting an order, the seller can deliver goods directly without the need to delay because there are obstacles on the expedition. While from the buyer side, visiting a physical store will also maximize the shopping experience because they can see the products displayed in the store. Of course, this can be a form of entertainment, especially to enjoy free time.

Some of business segments, such as fresh food in general, also rely on offline stores so that customers can immediately see the quality of the product. That way, the level of customer confidence will also increase, especially if businesses can serve customers to the fullest, from helping with product selection to asking for customer feedback on the services and products they provide.

On the other hand, opening an online store will also provide various benefits. Customers who don’t have time to come to the store can still shop. Meanwhile, for business payments, businesses can simply use the Cashlez Link feature from the Cashlez Application. Through the link sent by business, customers can make virtual payments. In addition, the order process also does not depend on store opening hours because online shop services can be accessed anytime. Without the need to queue, customers can get the items they need easily.

Online and offline sales systems have their respective advantages so both are equally important. Even though online business is growing rapidly, it doesn’t mean that offline business will go out. Therefore, businesses need to utilize both to develop business and increase customer satisfaction.
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