As one of the beauty industries, the salon business will never go away. Especially nowadays, discussions about the importance of self-care are also increasing on social media and various websites. However, it is undeniable that the existence of social restrictions does have an impact on salon business actors. So, to open a business in the midst of a pandemic, make sure to adjust your strategy through the following 8 stages!


1. Determine your salon business concept

When you decide to open a salon business, determine who your target is. You see, every salon certainly has a different concept, such as a Muslim salon, bridal makeup salon, and so on. After that, you can determine what types of services will be offered to customers. Not only that, determining the type of salon business will also make it easier for you to attract the attention of customers.


2. Make sure you and your team are vaccinated

Currently, vaccines are one of the requirements that are needed if we want to do outdoor activities. Reporting from, the DKI Government allows salons in Jakarta that are not located in shopping centers to operate if visitors and employees have been vaccinated. Therefore, you also need to make sure that you and your team have been vaccinated before opening a salon.


3. Define your business plan

The next step that is also important for salon entrepreneurs is to prepare a business plan. Some of them include studying your audience, preparing business capital, and estimating what potential you have as a salon business owner. Make sure to always be realistic with the targets and timeframes you set.


4. Determine the right place and building

What next step do you need if you already have a salon business concept that you want to open? Of course, you have to find the right location. You see, the location greatly affects the performance of the salon business. When you find the right location, customers can find it easily. In addition to the location, be sure to also use the appropriate building, such as the size of a room that can fit several chairs.


5. Prepare equipment for your salon

There are various needs that you must prepare to open a new salon. For example, such as chairs and reception desk. In addition, we will also need additional equipment such as hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, and equipment for nail care.


6. Recruit potential people

As a salon business owner, you also need to recruit several team members who will help you to provide maximum service. Some examples of team members you need, for example, are receptionists, hairstylists, and salon managers. For maintenance services that require specific skills, look for team members who have been trained or certified.


7. Digitize your business

In the salon business, there are basic things that you also need to pay attention to, namely operating your business digitally. So, also prepare social media, websites, and other digital assets that make it easier for you to promote your salon and interact with your audience. In addition, also provide Cashlez so that you and your customers can transact with various non-cash payment options, such as QRIS, Virtual Accounts, and online payments.


8. Reduce physical contact and maintain hygiene

To ensure the safety of employees and customers, be sure to always limit the number of visitors to the salon. So instead of providing a waiting room, you can provide salon services through the booking system. In addition, you can also offer a home visit service. And of course, make sure to always maintain hygiene by disinfecting the equipment and rooms you use.


Opening a salon business in the midst of a pandemic is indeed a challenge. However, you can adapt your business to the current situation!

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