Previously, we might only be familiar with offices as work places. However, now a lot of coworking space is emerging as an alternative for those of us who don’t work in the office or at home. Different from the office concept, coworking space offers a different working atmosphere because it can connect one tenant with other tenants who come from various types of industries.

A fresh atmosphere of a workplace is also seen at WekodeHUB, a coworking space located in the central Jakarta area, precisely at Grand Kebon Sirih. According to Zacharine Fortuna, founder of WekodeHUB, coworking space was established as a solution, both for office workers and freelancers who want to work within the community. Therefore, coworking space users are no longer seen working in one office or working alone.

At WekodeHUB, Fortuna created two different workspace concepts, namely private and public. So, users can choose the place according to their needs. Not only that, WekodeHUB also provides several special rooms that can be used to hold meetings and seminars.

Coworking space, which was established in mid-2019, can be a pleasant and relaxing work place. Even though it is located in the center of Jakarta, this coworking space does not belong to “ganjil genap”areas. In addition, there are various interesting spots seen on WekodeHUB. Because it is on the 9th floor, its users can enjoy the beauty of the sunset, which is around 4 to half 6. Near the meeting room, we can also immediately see the National Monument.

As a millennial generation, Fortuna acknowledged that her idea to build coworking space at that location was a breakthrough. Because only WekodeHUB alone looks different from office spaces on other floors. However, this is precisely what makes coworking space there look special. Coworking space not only functions as a workplace, but also for other purposes such as seminars and workshops. In fact, Fortuna herself admitted that she would later hold baby care as a facility for mothers.

As one of the spaces that has become a trend in the digital era, Fortuna’s coworking space also faces challenges. According to him, these challenges arise from various aspects, such as the decision to determine prices or the provision of facilities. Hence, the owner of coworking space must always follow developments in order to create innovation.

One of the developments that Fortuna concentrated on was the imbalance of life experienced by many people. In fact, to undergo a routine to the maximum, a person needs to have a healthy body and mental state. This is why Fortuna plans to hold a yoga class in her coworking space.
Indeed, a business actor will always face challenges. But for Fortuna, we must carry out these challenges. Be sure to always introspect to improve the quality of the business. At WekodeHUB, Fortuna uses Cashlez to improve service quality while supporting paper savings. WekodeHUB users can trade practically and safely with Cashlez.

WekodeHUB provides Cashlez Non Printer Reader which accepts various credit and debit cards. In addition, there are also other non-cash payment methods such as LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, and Kredivo. Proof of the transaction can be sent directly to the coworking space user via e-mail or SMS. Aside from being easy to use and carry anywhere, Cashlez is an original Indonesian product that supports the creation of a cashless society through the National Non-Cash Movement. Come on, face all business challenges by making Cashlez your solution!

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