When someone travels to a tourist destination, they often bring gifts that can be given to their closest people, ranging from relatives to co-workers. There are various kinds of souvenirs, ranging from key chains, paintings, t-shirts, bags, and dolls. Of course, things that tourists buy when traveling can also be a form of memory for them besides the photos they take there.


Well, for those of you who live near tourist destinations, the gift shop business opportunity can certainly be a promising business choice. Moreover, as reported by cnnindonesia.com, tourism interest in Indonesia has increased by 36%. Not only that, souvenir business owners also have an important role in the advancement of the tourism sector in their city. So, what are the benefits that you can get when you open a gift shop? Find the answer through the following explanation!

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1. Easy to provide a place of business


If you want to open a gift shop, then you don’t need to bother providing a place of business. You see, you can rent an empty space near your house or open the shop yourself in your home. Of course, this is very easy for you because you don’t have to waste a lot of time traveling from your residence to the store. You can also run your business flexibly, such as extending store operating hours if the number of tourists is increasing.


2. High sales


In the digital era like today, souvenir business owners can not only rely on visiting tourists. You see, they can also open online stores on digital platforms such as social media and marketplaces. So, people who are not on vacation can still buy souvenir products that are characteristic of an area. As a result, your income will also increase. Now, to provide safe and practical transaction services, you can rely on cashless payment solutions from the Cashlez App which have various transaction features, such as Virtual Accounts, QRIS, and Online Card Payments.

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3. Become more independent


When you open a gift business, you will learn to be more independent. Since the start of the business, you will learn how to prepare the necessary things, such as the types of goods available, delivery services, and promotions that can make potential customers more interested. Not only that, you can also learn to make decisions based on wise considerations, one of which is when there is an offer of cooperation with a vendor that provides goods typical of a region.


4. Opportunity for partnership


Perhaps, many think that the souvenir shop that you open near a tourist destination does not provide an opportunity for you to form a partnership. In fact, this assumption is not correct because in fact, you can work with various vendors providing souvenirs, ranging from handmade goods, key chain providers, to providers of glassware such as glasses and plates.


5. Referred by customers


If you can provide satisfying products and services to tourists, then you will also have the opportunity to be recommended. As we know, word of mouth is still one of the easiest and most effective types of promotion to do. This is because potential customers hear their own experiences from people who have previously purchased and used the product.


As a type of business in the tourism sector, souvenir shops provide you with many opportunities to promote tourist attractions while increasing income. Moreover, souvenirs can be one of the attractions for visiting tourists. In order to improve the shopping experience of tourists, also provide cashless payment services from the Cashlez Application!

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