Achieving success in business is not an instant process. You have to be consistent and adjust products and services based on changes. You see, even though you sell superior products, you also have to understand the right way to market them to potential customers.


Well, one of the effective marketing strategies to help you sell in today’s era is digital marketing. This strategy has made Melvant Company which is a Cashlez Merchant from Bali, managed to get a lot of orders from young people. Want to know what are Melvant Company’s tips in running a business in the digital era? Let’s see the full story below!


Starting from a dream to have your own distribution


Who would have thought, this apparel brand that is popular among young people was originally an apparel vendor! So, when Melvant Company was founded in 2007, initially Melvant Company’s business focused on orders from their customers, for example those who needed company uniforms, event organizers, class clothes, and so on.

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However, the founder of Melvant Company had a strong determination to establish his own distro. Then, Melvant Company, whose brand name was taken from the name of the first child, namely Melvin Nanta, began to present products from the design ideas of its founder. There are various products offered, ranging from t-shirts, shorts, to hoodies.


Digital marketing is effective to reduce the impact of the pandemic


Like business actors in general, Melvant Company was also affected by the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is what made the Melvant Company team decide to focus on selling online. Of course, changing this sales strategy is not an easy thing, especially since the Melvant Company team does not yet have the basic knowledge of digital marketing.


However, through the willingness to learn independently through YouTube, participating in webinars discussing online selling strategies, the Melvant Company team can learn many things, such as tips to reach their target customers who are dominated by young people.

Understand customers, get many opportunities


Not only that, the Melvant Company team also continues to follow trends through the internet, especially using social media. Based on these trends, Melvant Company then began to customize their products based on their target customers. Although making adjustments based on trends, Melvant Company also maintains its distinctive design in terms of design.

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In addition to making products based on customer preferences, Melvant Company also provides services that make it easier for customers to get their products, such as through delivery services.


Rely on the system to manage your business practically


In addition to strengthening its online sales strategy through digital marketing, Melvant Company also adjusts its services based on current trends. Therefore, Melvant Company customers can choose their own various payment options through the Cashlez Application.


When participating in the event, Melvant Company also relies on CashlezONE, a payment machine that has been integrated with the Cashlez App. Without the hassle of looking for change, all transactions can be processed in one tool. All transactions made through Cashlez will be recorded automatically and can be accessed on the sales report.


Melvant Company’s experience can certainly be an inspiration for you to continue working. Of course, every business actor will face challenges in doing business, such as rising raw material prices, changing trends, and intense competition. However, keep in mind, in the digital era like today, there are many opportunities that you can do so that your business can grow!

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