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As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to make various adjustments. Usually, learning activities are carried out at schools or universities, but in order to prevent the risk of transmitting the virus, learning activities are carried out online. The same is true for workers who have to get used to working from home.

Even though mobility has become limited due to the pandemic, it doesn’t mean we can just stand still. The thing is, there will always be opportunities to innovate, as Sehat 365 does. The Cashlez merchant who is engaged in health services shares his experience of optimizing services in the midst of a pandemic to maximize team performance while increasing customer satisfaction.


Max Adam Kamil – CEO Sehat 365

When interviewed online, Max Adam Kamil who is the CEO of Sehat 365 explained that Sehat 365 focuses on public health services. Through Sehat 365, service users can get swab tests, both PCR swabs and antigen swabs. Not surprisingly, Sehat 365 also has alignment with the government to reduce the number of transmissions of the Covid-19 virus.

Perhaps, when we hear the word 365, many of us immediately remember the number of days in a year. Max also admits that many people think that Sehat 365 was inspired from there. However, he explained that the word 365 was inspired by the company’s service model, method, and way of working.

In conducting swab tests, Sehat 365 adheres to four principles, namely fast and accurate results, affordable prices, guaranteed confidentiality and cleanliness, and friendly service from medical personnel. Service users can order health test services from Sehat 365 by registering first. Then, there is also a personal data form that can be filled in. After that, service users can take the swab test. The test results will be sent directly to the contact listed on the form.

Both the PCR swab test and the Antigen swab test can be obtained by service users through 3 service models, First, there is a drive thru service that can be visited at Jakarta International Expo, Smesco Indonesia, Hayam Wuruk Plaza, Baywalk Mall, Dapur Sunda, ICE BSD, Sentul, DFSK Scouts, as well as Plaza Lotus Lampung. In addition, there are also home service services so that service users just have to wait for the Sehat 365 team to visit their homes. And lastly, there is also a swab test service that is held at certain events.

In addition to providing health services, Max and the team are also committed to going digital by being active on social media to provide updated information and communicate with the Sehat 365 audience. Not only that, Max and the Sehat 365 team are also committed to using non-cash payments. Moreover, since 2020, the trend of non-cash transactions has become increasingly popular in the midst of a pandemic. Max himself is also used to using QRIS payments.

In providing non-cash services for service users, Sehat 365 cooperates with Cashlez. As a payment gateway, Cashlez provides applications with various payment features such as QRIS, Virtual Accounts, and online payments. There is also Cashlez also presenting Cashlez Reader which accepts payments by credit/debit cards bearing the VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, GPN, and JCB logos.

From Max Adam Kamil and the whole team of Sehat 365, we learned how important it is to always look for opportunities to grow and adapt our business to market conditions. Well, how about you? What innovations have you created in your business?


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