Since its first case in early March 2020, the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic in Indonesia has not yet ended. We are still fighting this pandemic through implementing health protocols. Hence, the use of masks in public places is mandatory. In addition, we are also encouraged to wash our hands regularly and keep our distance from other people. These habits are very important so that we stay safe when carrying out our daily activities.


Well, apart from implementing health protocols, it turns out that there are also many people who exercise more diligently to keep their bodies fit. Not surprisingly, cycling, which was booming a few years ago, is now back in trend. Reporting from, cycling can again become a trend in a new adaptation period because this sport is an appropriate alternative during the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) period. Bicycles are also widely used as an alternative to working vehicles compared to public transportation.


The people’s tendency to use bicycles during the new adaptation period has also turned out to be a promising business opportunity. This is one of the motivations for Own Bike which is Cashlez Merchant to open its business in July 2020. Own Bike owner, Muhammad Shadeq Iqbal explained that apart from being motivated by bicycle business opportunities, Iqbal and his business partners also want to open jobs. Especially as we know, not a few workers have lost their source of income due to being affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.



Meanwhile, Iqbal himself was also a bicycle lover. He likes to do this sport, long before cycling became a trend in society. Not surprisingly, his business does not only sell a variety of bicycles, but also provides custom and service services. Own Bike customers can also get the spare parts they need!


In general, the types of bicycles that Own Bike customers are looking for are Road Bikes, Folding Bikes, and MTBs. If a customer orders a custom bicycle, the processing time will depend on the complexity of each bicycle. Of course, there are various challenges faced by Iqbal and his colleagues when running a business. But for Iqbal, the most important thing is to remain consistent in developing his business, especially during a pandemic which also affects economic conditions.


To develop their business and at the same time support the trend of healthy living, Iqbal and his colleagues had provided free service. This service has received positive responses from many Own Bike customers. Of course, all services provided by Own Bike are still carried out according to government health protocols. Hence, we can find hand sanitizers, hand washing stations, and mandatory application of masks and keep a distance at this bicycle shop located in Pekanbaru.



In addition to implementing health protocols, Iqbal and his colleagues also prioritize customer safety and comfort by providing non-cash payment services that reduce physical contact. Incidentally, one of Iqbal’s partners introduced Cashlez which can accept various payments, ranging from credit / debit cards, virtual accounts, digital payments, and online payments that allow customers to pay face-to-face.


The Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on whoever we are. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t find opportunities to develop at this time. Because the most important thing is what kind of response and effort we do when facing challenges. So, what opportunities have you been interested in recently?


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