Since it was declared a pandemic in March 2020, the Covid-19 outbreak has had many impacts on various aspects of life, including doing business. Due to calls to reduce physical contact, several businesses have had to close temporarily. This is also experienced by Nex Dental Indonesia or better known as RATA. The first provider of clear aligners in Indonesia has closed its practice locations in Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta and Tangerang. This closure was carried out by the RATA manager based on a recommendation from the Indonesian Dentists Association (PDGI), which is to only open a practice to handle emergency cases. Even so, RATA can still optimize its services in these difficult times!

RATA service for consumers during #DiRumahAja
Through Live Streaming with Cashlez a few weeks ago, Jason Wahono, who is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of RATA, told how behavior change, aka changes in customer behavior, caused a shift from offline activities to online activities. In the past, RATA customers usually came directly to the clinic for a consultation before using clear aligners. Moreover, Indonesian people in general are more familiar with dental braces services, not the dental printing services AVERAGE provides.

Now, since the recommendation to exercise physical restrictions, people tend to carry out various activities at home, including also to consult about their teeth. Hence, RATA also presents online consultation services from dentists. Meanwhile, for dental printing, aka clear alignment, RATA also provides a home service. Fortunately, Jason and his colleagues are used to presenting this service together with RATA staff who have been trained.

The importance of coordinating with a team

Not a few business actors have faced various difficulties due to the Covid-19 outbreak. However, Jason explained that no matter how difficult the conditions are, business people need to remember that they are not alone. There are still people closest to you to discuss with, as well as Jason and his colleagues who maintain communication. Brainstorm to gather ideas that can be used as solutions to overcome business challenges at hand.

Meanwhile, the RATA team also conducts periodic evaluations of what they are doing. In the midst of implementing physical distancing, business actors need not be afraid to communicate excessively. For Jason and his colleagues, this actually helps us avoid misunderstandings, especially when we don’t communicate directly. Through the same vision and goals, business players and their partners can certainly deal with the impact of Covid-19 effectively.

Presenting innovations to simplify dental treatment
In addition to providing home services for customers, the Covid-19 pandemic has also encouraged RATA to bring innovations that make it easier for its customers. RATA, which was founded in April 2019, is developing a one stop solution application that makes it easier for patients to find out about their dental health conditions. This application will analyze the condition of the teeth as well as the treatments that can be done. So, patients do not need to get face to face control. Moreover, the dental molds used are made of safe plastic. Patients who are using clear aligners can also check the progress of their teeth regularly.

As a business actor in the field of health technology, RATA also produces clear aligners that are tailored to the condition of each patient. Hence, patient data is needed. To simplify the reconciliation process from the early stages of using the clear aligner, RATA uses Cashlez which provides a real time sales report feature so that it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Initially, Jason found out about Cashlez when he was transacting at a barber shop. After knowing that Cashlez can be brought easily for events and to customers’ homes, Jason and his colleagues also used CashlezONE which can accept various non-cash payment options.

Preparation for entering New Normal at the Dental Practice
Approaching the New Normal era, Jason and his colleagues are preparing to re-open the RATA dental practice. They conduct training in implementing health protocols on the staff. In addition, visitors who come to consult must first go through the process of checking their bodies and washing their hands. The implementation of this protocol is of course done to ensure security for RATA customers and staff.


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