Who does not feel the impact of the pandemic Covid-19? Whether you are an worker, the housewife, student, or entrepreneur, definitely feel the change due to the occurrence of this outbreak. If for example, you can gather together with friends close at the end of the week, is now a habit that should be limited and carried out according to health protocols. Meanwhile, you who run a business attempt also definitely feel how important to adapt so that businesses you keep running. Then, in the middle of the uncertainty of when a pandemic is going to end, what course does that need us to do? Let ’s look at the insight from Michelle Hendra or commonly known as Michimomo or Michi, one of the founders of Bamsae Korean Food Bar is located at Jalan Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.


When we met her in Bamsae , Michi told us that Bamsae is a business that is founded by two newlywed couples, namely Michi, her husband, and two business partners. In fact, the preparations for establishing Bamsae have been done since January 2020, starting from making the bar design concept, the types of menus provided, and others. Because of that, Michi, her husband, and her two colleagues thought they could do the first opening of Bamsae at the end of May 2020. However, beyond predictions, the Corona Virus outbreak emerged which then made the government declared an emergency situation. The four founders of Bamsae finally decided to postpone the opening of their korean bar. Of course, this decision becomes a challenge because there are operational bills that still have to be paid.


After entering the new normal period, Bamsae finally opened in August 2020. The preparation of Michi, her husband, and her two partners to open Bamsae received a positive response from customers. There are many menu mainstay that is often booked, some of them are fried chicken, gambas, mala, as well as various soups. Although it adapts the concept of Korean Bar, the founders of Bamsae also innovated the recipe so that the menu is not suitable for Korean food lovers, but also for Chinese food and Indonesian food lovers. Besides, Bamsae also has many instagramable spots!


Before opening the bar at the time the new normal, Michi also had difficulties to provide solutions payment of non-cash. Fortunately, Michi provides innovative payment payment services from the Cashlez Payment Gateway. Enough to use applications and machine payment Cashlez, Michi can receive various option payments noncash of customers, ranging from card debit / credit , OVO, GoPay, until ShopeePay. Besides that, Cashlez also provide the option transaction without face-to-face like Virtual Account and Online Card Payment. Cashlez not only provide various features of transactions noncash alone, but also access reporting sales were recorded in real time. Michi can access the report is when any and where only, although was not located in Bamsae. And great again, Merchant Cashlez also can set the schedule for settlement is automatic.


As a full-time content creator, Michi also tells that the pandemic is not only an effect on the korean bar which he founded. Not a few of Michi’s jobs have to be postponed, or even canceled, especially those related to traveling. However , according to circumstances such as this is not a reason to be pessimistic. Instead, we can take advantage of the time that there was to explore the potential of others that exist in ourselves we are. "What is sure, we must dare to come out of the zone of comfortable and dig continues the skills that you have," says Michi. She then gave an example of how one of her friends who have a hobby of painting and then to make a hobby such as a source of revenue.  


The presence of the pandemic is making habits we changed, even not infrequently provide a challenge at us. However, as long as we remain optimistic and daring to explore ourselves, certainly will be there a lot of achievement that can we do!

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