Payment services have an important influence on a business. If customers can choose various payment methods, they will feel more comfortable and satisfied when shopping. Conversely, when the payment service is limited, the customer must also prepare the appropriate means of payment.


To optimize payment services, you can use a fintech payment gateway solution. The problem is, payment gateway services can not only be used for online businesses, but also for offline businesses. Let’s find out about payment gateways and their role for online and offline businesses through the following explanation!

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Get to know Payment Gateways


As the name implies, a payment gateway is a system that allows the payment process from customers to business actors to run smoothly. In addition, payment gateways can also guarantee transaction security. There are several parties involved in the payment gateway, namely merchants who receive payments, customers who make transactions, issuer banks as financial institutions that process card payments, payment gateway technology providers, and card schemes that process payments between merchants and card issuers. .


The Role of Payment Gateway for Online Business


Online business owners can get various benefits through using a payment gateway, including the following review.


1. Simplify the check out process


Business actors who provide payment gateways for online businesses can improve the customer experience when checking out. The transaction process is smooth and fast. To get this convenience, you can use the online card payment transaction method in the Cashlez Application. After entering the transaction amount, you can generate a payment link that can be sent to customers.

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2. Boost sales


The checkout process has a big influence on customer tendencies. If the checkout process is complicated, the customer may decide to cancel the transaction. Conversely, the convenience of a payment gateway actually increases the sales potential of your business. You see, customers will immediately make payments without any problems.


3. Integrated in e-commerce


Because it can be integrated into e-commerce, you no longer need to ask customers to make payments. They can directly transact online because they will be directed from the website. Moreover, transaction security is also guaranteed because payment gateways usually comply with security standards, such as PCI DSS.


Role of Payment Gateway for Offline Business


Apart from online businesses, offline businesses will also be helped through payment gateway services that can provide the following benefits.


1. Multichannel payments


Stores that accept non-cash transactions will make customers feel more comfortable. You see, they do not need to trouble providing a means of payment. Instead, they can directly choose what type of payment method they want to use, for example in the form of a QR Payment, credit card, or debit card.


2. No need to provide change


Imagine when you’re at a bazaar and you don’t have enough cash in hand for change. As a result, you have to exchange change and make customers wait. You will not experience this condition if you have used a payment gateway service that provides various transaction options.


3. Transactions in minimal amounts


It is possible that there are still many customers who think that non-cash payment services can only be used for transactions of a certain nominal amount. In fact, payment gateway services allow you to accept transactions with minimal amounts. So, customers only need to use their cards or electronic devices to make payments.


By using payment gateway services, you can improve the quality of online and offline business transactions. Moreover, you can also get this service easily, namely by registering as a Cashlez Merchant at Let’s use Cashlez!

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