Have you ever heard the term “the only one who doesn’t change is changes itself?” Indeed, changes can be unavoidable, whether we are open to them or not. They can be challenging, interesting, or even surprising. Besides, they may also happen at any time!


What do changes at the workplace mean to you?


There are various types of changes we can experience, including in our workplace. You might have to deal with a new routine, precisely when you’re asked to work from home to prevent the risk of Covid-19 infection.


Meanwhile, the challenges can occur when we have to switch our previous role into the new one. Our Merchant Operations, Bimasakti Insmerdimas Ampera Wibowo a.k.a Bima, was also moved from Sales Support Division into Operations Division. So, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Of course, it depends on how we cope with the changes. Let’s learn more from what Bima had experienced!

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Your adaptability skill matters


When your role at the workplace has been changed, you will need to learn about your new position. Find out the job descriptions you should accomplish and learn how to do them effectively. Besides, you should also get to know more about the people and the environment because one division must have different standard operational procedures compared to the others.


Indeed, this learning process is not instant as it can take time to get a better understanding about your role. However, this circumstance allows you to develop your ability. In Bima’s opinion, the thing someone whose role has been changed should prioritize is their adaptability. Regardless of the division we enter, our team needs a reliable person to enhance our performance.

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You deserve to live your passion


One of the reasons why we tend to refuse the changes is because we’re afraid of getting out of our comfort zones. It is true that we have to create adjustments to cope with what we face. But, this doesn’t mean that we should forget about our dreams and passions. There are always opportunities for us to keep living it.


Bima who joined Cashlez in September 2019 as Technical Sales Support explained that he is passionate in giving training to business owners and making them able to manage their business more conveniently. Since a year ago, he is no longer responsible for that as he becomes a merchant operations. However, he is still able to assist business owners by helping them activate the payment features they need.


There are always your buddies come along in journey


One thing we should never ignore when we’re facing troubles because of the challenges is that we still have our buddies who keep supporting us. So, don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need them. And not to forget, keep your communication clear to make sure Everyone is going in the same direction.


As a Cashlezian, Bima really enjoys the family-like workplace at Cashlez. Moreover, the Operations team is one of the best teams he has ever had. “They have awesome teamwork, and I hope that we all keep maintaining it as our main value,” said Bima.


Of course, everything is temporary, including our roles. So, we always have to be prepared for anything that happens and adapt to the new environment as fast as we can. It is okay to feel a bit nervous because of the new chapter we should take. But, don’t ever let your fear hinder you to develop your potential. Remember Bima’s message “Make the best of your time!” 


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