Covid-19 pandemic caused many countries in the world to decide to impose restrictions on physical contact, namely by asking people to quarantine at home. This method is an effective solution that can be done to anticipate the spread of this virus pandemic. So, what about business owners like you who have direct contact with customers daily? Don’t worry, in today’s digital era, your business will not be hampered as long as you can apply the following 4 things!


  1. Make sure your staff are healthy and wash your hands regularly

A good leader certainly does not only prioritize customers, but also the staff he employs. If work from home is not possible, make sure all your staff are always healthy. When their condition is not healthy, ask them to rest at home. Meanwhile, while in business, make sure you also provide hand sanitizers, digital temperatures, as well as hand washing soap so that each staff can maintain cleanliness by washing their hands regularly.

  1. Optimize delivery services

Although we are asked to reduce physical contact, it does not mean you become pessimistic and worried about the decline in sales. Instead, you can take advantage of other services, namely through the delivery system. Let your customers stay active at home and make sure they can still shop through the help of a shipping courier.

  1. Provide various non-cash payment options

To reduce physical contact, it’s a good idea to also provide non-cash payment options. Just use Cashlez, which accepts various payments via credit / debit cards, digital payments such as LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, Kredivo, and ShopeePay, and online payments so your customers can make long distance payments.

  1. Stay connected with customers and staff

Currently, you don’t have to force yourself to always monitor your customers and monitor your staff. Remember, you still can interact with customers through social media. Meanwhile, to ensure your business runs smoothly, you can simply use the free reporting feature from Cashlez which records all transactions in real time .


Physical distancing does not mean you need to be pessimistic about your business. Because as long as you are creative, must always be a way to improve!



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