Among several Asian countries, Indonesia has become one of the countries that has great potential in e-commerce business. In fact, predicts that until now, e-commerce projections in Indonesia will reach US $ 130 billion by 2020. This indicates that Indonesia has a golden opportunity to continue to develop e-commerce growth and compete with countries other.
So, what is meant by e-commerce? This one business is the activity of buying and selling goods or services carried out through electronic networks, one of which is the internet. Over time, e-commerce has grown rapidly so that it has a variety of types and functions. So, why do we need to use e-commerce to grow our business today? Find out the answer in the reviews below!
1. Has a variety of products and services
Different from other types of business, e-commerce has no geographical trade type boundaries. This type of business allows consumers to transact widely, receive the information they need, and compare offers with business offers without considering where they are. So, even if we don’t live in a strategic location, we can still do business smoothly.
2. Shorten the sales process
Through e-commerce, sellers and buyers more quickly connect without the help of other parties. Therefore, we who have e-commerce can make sales in accordance with the target market that was predicted beforehand. Moreover, buyers can also make payments easily, for example through Cashlez Link on the Cashlez Application. After we send the link, the buyer can use their credit card to pay according to the purchase nominal.
3. The quality of service is increasing
E-commerce makes it easy for consumers to choose and transact with businesses without the hassle of coming to the business shop. Therefore, their satisfaction level will also increase. In fact, believe it or not, visiting an e-commerce business also makes its customers more familiar with the business, for example the types of products and their price range.
Today, we must do everything efficiently. Therefore, immediately provide e-commerce to market your products and make transactions easy by using the virtual payment feature of Cashlez!
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