Even though the Corona Virus pandemic has a major impact on the economy, there are also some business sectors that are still progressing. Reporting from tribunnews.com, in 2020, the income from the food and beverage industry had been increased by 3 to 4%. No wonder, since the emergence of the pandemic, there have been many new food and beverage businesses, ranging from fast food, snacks, to contemporary drinks. 

Now, besides the opportunity to sell food and beverages, there are other business opportunities that are also promising, but which are still rarely seen, namely the cake supply business! As we know, during a pandemic, people are asked to stay at home. This is what then made many people start to do other activities, such as practicing their baking hobby. So, if you are interested in trying this one opportunity, consider first the tips for success and the estimated fund to open a baking supply store!

  1. More variety, more wanted

There are many cake supplies that you can offer. Starting from margarine, yeast, food coloring, to various types of flour. In addition to raw materials, you can also offer baking tools, such as baking pans, ovens, mixers, and digital scales. Meanwhile, to decorate the cake, your customers may also need pearl sprinkles, candied cherries, and cake toppers. Basically, the more choices you offer, the better your chances of getting customers. Of course, to attract more customers, make sure to set the competitive price hold promotions on several occasions or a certain number of purchases!

  1. Apply the take and give principle

It’s true that your business can run thanks to market demand. However, as an entrepreneur, you need to maintain good relationships with buyers. Build an engaging relationship that goes beyond just buying and selling, such as periodically referencing cake recipes. In addition, you can also give other tips such as how to clean baking utensils and the types of baking tools that your customers must have in the kitchen. That way, you will be able to build a take and give relationship with customers.

  1. Reach your online customers 

As we know, in recent years online shopping activities have increased. Especially since the emergence of the pandemic, the government has advised people to stay at home. Of course, this has had a profound effect on people’s habits. If we usually shop for daily necessities directly, this habit changes during a pandemic. We start looking for our various needs online. So that’s why, as a seller of cake ingredients, you also need to present your own online store, either through e-commerce, marketplaces, or social media. Meanwhile, for remote payment matters, you can trust the Cashlez Link feature. 

  1. Create a platform for interaction between customers 

Did you know that community building is an effective business strategy? As you can see, through the community, you can provide opportunities for customers and the public to share knowledge with each other. Of course, because we are currently still fighting against the pandemic, you can do this interaction online, for example through webinars. Pick a theme that’s interesting or trending, and look for speakers who are familiar with that theme. It would be better if the speakers were your own customer.

So, after knowing the tips for success in building a baking supply store, how much capital do we need? Here are the details of costs that you can review as a reference!

Place for rent: IDR 20,000,000

Glass Showcase: IDR 2,500,000 

2 Shelves: IDR 3,000,000

Payment tools: IDR 1,700,000

Cake Supplies Stock: IDR 15,000,000

Bakeware Stock: IDR 10,000,000

Transportation Fee: IDR 500,000

Operational Costs (Electricity, Water, Internet): IDR 700,000

Promotion and Plank Name: IDR 500,000

Based on these details, the fund you need to open a baking supply store is IDR 53,900,000. Of course, this is the initial cost, while per month, the costs you need to focus on are transportation costs, operational costs, and costs for providing products stock. Keep in mind that these details are approximate. It could be, later you need more capital, for example to hire employees. However, there are also costs that you can minimize, such as a payment machine. Because through the mPOS feature on the Cashlez App, you can calculate your total customer spending only by using your Smartphone! E-receipt can also be sent digitally to WhatsApp or email.

Before opening a business, of course, we need to learn the type of business first so that we can find out how to successfully run it. In addition, funding preparation is also very important so that we can find out when we are ready to open our own shop. So, have you found the right timing to open a baking supply store?

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