"Well, this cupboard really piles up!"

"It’s so small, where should I put the goods?"


Certainly, not a few of us have experienced something similar, namely problems with the storage area at home. Even though it has been placed in a cupboard, drawer, or moved to a warehouse, it feels like our house is still full of various items. The only solution is to sort these items so that our homes become more "spacious."


Looks like this stuff is really tiring, huh? Just imagine, we have to sort, clean, and lift these things. Of course, it is tiring to think that cleaning is just a chore. However, for cuan seekers, this activity is a golden opportunity! You see, we can hold a garage sale, the tips can be seen in the following review.


1. Choose which items you want to sell first

At first, collect the items you want to sell. Basically, you can sell anything at a garage sale, from books to furniture to wall hangings. If the items you want to sell are not too many, you can also invite your neighbors to join in selling at garage sales.


2. Sort again and make sure the quality is still okay

Even if you sell used items, make sure they are still functioning properly! You don’t want to make buyers disappointed because the product they bought did not match their expectations, right? Besides that, this can also make your reputation go down!


3. Determine the price of each item

To make it easier for you and your buyers, attach a price tag to each item. Make sure the price is written in a sufficiently bear size so that it can be read clearly. And last but not least, you also need to provide a goodie bag as an addition if visitors forget to bring their own shopping bag.


4. Hold a garage sale at the right moment

Because it is only temporary, you need to find the right moment to hold a garage sale. On Saturdays and Sundays, for example, the number of visitors will usually be more than normal days. In addition, you can also take advantage of National Holidays or moments before Hari Raya.


5. Don’t forget to inform the public about this event

Apart from looking for the right moment, you also need to publish your event one to two weeks before it starts. If a garage sale is being held at your home, put up a poster so that local residents can see it. Apart from that, you can also use social media to tell your family, friends, and the people closest to you.


6. The earlier, the better

The earlier you start a garage sale, the easier it will be for you to sell. Give special offers, such as discounts or direct gifts for the first five buyers to increase the enthusiasm of visitors.


7. Don’t be afraid to bargain

Even with a price tag attached, a garage sale allows buyers and sellers to bargain. So, if a customer wants to ask you to lower your price, don’t refuse right away!


8. You’ve made profit, let’s share it to the others!

Even though it is tiring, you will definitely feel your own satisfaction after doing a garage sale. Besides the benefit of making some space in your home, you can also make some money. But, it’s good if you want to share some of the profit you get for people who need it!


Unwittingly, garage sales can also be an opportunity for you to hone entrepreneurial skills. So, are you ready to clean up your house and do a garage sale yet?

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