2020 is a very challenging year for business people focused on tourism sector. As you see, tourist attractions and lodging are required to limit the number of visitors. In fact, not a few are also tourism business actors who have been forced to temporarily close their business premises.


Fortunately, along with the adoption of the new normal lifestyle and the vaccination plan, the tourism sector can slowly revive. However, as reported by republika.co.id, the tourism trend will eventually lead to environmentally friendly tourist spots. This trend is also often referred to as ecotourism (eco tourism) or ecotourism.


Even though the concept of ecotourism is still new, this industry has great potential. Reporting from 99businessideas.com, the ecotourism sector has contributed as much as 6% of gross domestic income worldwide. And in the future, the revenue obtained from these eco-friendly tourist spots is predicted to increase by 5% each year.


Well. If you are one of the tourism business actors who want to switch to environmentally friendly concepts, here are some ways to build an ecotourism business that you can apply!


  1. Determine first what the focus of your ecotourism business is

The development of environmentally friendly tourist attractions certainly aims to reduce the negative impacts of traveling. Moreover, this impact does not only affect nature, but also the people who live around it. Therefore, you need to determine in advance what type of ecotourism you will open, for example, such as tours to tropical rainforests, visits to historical sites, or trips to national parks.


  1. Understand what kind of ecotourism tourists want

An ecotourism business cannot run effectively without market research. So, first find out what the tourists’ expectations are when visiting. After that, you can also determine the price, promotion method, and the services and products you need. Not only that, market research in the ecotourism sector will also help you determine business potential, customer interests, and the estimated income you can earn.


  1. How do you run this business?

Whatever business sector you run, having a plan is very important, including in the ecotourism business. Through planning, you can more easily run and monitor the progress of your business. Apart from that, having a business plan also helps you to get additional funding. Of course, you also need to prepare suitable business ideas and ask for support from the surrounding community to convince potential funders.


  1. Prepare branding, funding plans, and business licenses

Use the name of a unique tourist spot so that visitors and your business partners can easily remember it. Giving a unique name is an effective branding strategy! Meanwhile, in preparing for an ecotourism business, you also need to make a financial plan so that your income and expenses can be observed more easily. And of course, you also shouldn’t miss the permit application process and other administrative needs that are needed.


  1. List operational requirements

You will also need operational matters, such as a workspace. In certain circumstances, this workspace can also be your meeting place with business partners and visitors to tourist attractions. Meanwhile, in managing income, you can rely on Cashlez which records transactions automatically. Not only that, your customers can also make transactions more safely, without making direct contact through various options for Cashlez Pay payment features, such as virtual accounts, QRIS, to online card payments.


Preparing to open environmentally friendly tourist attractions does require you to make many changes. Some of them include providing tourism in the open air, empowering communities around tourist attractions, to providing current payment solutions.

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