2,000 masks were given to Cashlez UMKM merchants in Jabodetabek

JAKARTA, April 27, 2020
- Regarding the government’s suggestion to use cloth masks for the public and surgical masks for medical personnel, Cashlez as a payment gateway company that provides payment solutions for businesses in Indonesia donates 2,000 environmentally friendly fabric masks to MSME merchants located in Greater Jakarta.

Tee Teddy Setiawan as Founder & CEO of Cashlez said, "In the midst of the current situation, we are committed to doing best practices for our merchants. Cashlez strengthens government directives to reduce the amount of activity outside the home and interactions with others, reduce direct face-to-face contact or what is often called physical distancing, promote non-cash transactions to minimize the spread of the virus through cash and implement the use of cloth masks for the community. This movement is a support as well as underlining our continued concern for our merchants and the general public, which of course still needs to continue the continuity of their daily activities, ".


2,000 masks were given to Cashlez UMKM merchants in Jabodetabek

Tee Teddy Setiawan added the cloth mask provided was a mask with two layers of cloth and the middle part could be coated with tissue as a filter, so it was effective enough to ward off particles entering or leaving the nose and mouth as well as efforts to help local MSMEs to make fabric masks that were quite environmentally friendly.


Cashlez hopes, by providing cloth masks at Cashlez merchants, all transactions can be done while remaining safe and comfortable. In addition, this was carried out as a form of Cashlez’s support to merchants who played an important role in developing the Cashlez ecosystem, and Cashlez also continued to empower more merchants to become part of an economy without cash.

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