There are many people who want to have their own business, maybe one of them is you. If you are still a "beginner," we usually tend to open small businesses, for example by being a solopreneur alias not recruiting employees. Certainly, going through business without the help of staff will be very tiring because we need to complete everything ourselves in detail. However, our efforts will surely produce satisfying results. So, what kind of business can be done alone?
1. Freelancer
Do you have special skills, such as writing, designing using certain software, coding, teaching foreign languages, or even putting on makeup? If the answer is yes, let’s use these skills to start a business as a freelancer. Post a portfolio of your previous work to convince clients that you deserve to be chosen. To complete projects from clients, you can estimate the time period with the ability you have.

2. Photographer or videographer
If you are taking pictures and videos, becoming a photographer and videographer service provider is an opportunity you need to consider. There are various projects that you can take, such as photos at special moments of marriage, graduation, and fiancee, as well as photos in a special studio. Even though you don’t have the right equipment at the moment, you don’t need to worry. There are many places to rent photographic equipment that you can go to.
3. Home catering
Your passion in the culinary field should not only be used for personal gain, because you can also do business with that passion. Start by offering home catering services, for example for people left around your house or employees who work around there. So that potential customers are interested, don’t hesitate to give them a tester for your cooking creations. Also provide an estimated price and menu provided.
4. Personal trainer or sports instructor
With the rapid development of technology, people are also increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining health. Therefore, many people who start looking for alternatives to activities after the routine in the office, one of which is to do sports. So that the sport can provide effective results, they can now use the services of a sports instructor who helps them determine the right type of exercise and what food choices they can consume.
Not having enough capital to recruit employees is no reason not to go into business. What’s important, you always have ideas and can take advantage of what you have now.
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