IT infrastructure is one of the most essential parts of an organization. Infrastructure itself can be complex as it has several moving parts and functions more as an email system, WiFi, or printer access. Besides, IT infrastructure is the department that gives access to employees to proceed with orders and integrate databases.


As the day-to-day role of IT infrastructure is important, every organization has to build a reliable infrastructure. Cashlez IT Infrastructure Manager, Erwin Wihardono, shared his views about how the IT infrastructure team creates a reliable environment that supports the team to meet customers’ demands.


When it comes to tools, be as selective as possible


The reliability of IT infrastructure is determined by the tools we choose. Therefore, before selecting a tool, it is crucial to consider them. For Erwin, there are two main features we should prioritize: functions and convenience. In the IT infrastructure, we can find numerous tools we can subscribe to, but before making a decision, we need to figure out our goals. Besides, we also need to ensure that the tools are easy to manage. Usually, Erwin and his team select the tools based on the recommendations.


Becoming the infrastructure engineer everyone needs


Responsibility is one of the most important traits every infrastructure engineer possesses. In an agile environment, they are eager to provide assistance for the whole team. Moreover, the infrastructure in an organization should be used to support the business plan. If a business plans to grow but its infrastructure isn’t ready yet, then the plan can be impeded.


Making optimal decisions for professional development


Erwin, who has already started his early career in the IT infrastructure field, expressed that his previous experience allowed him to improve his IT infrastructure skills. In the dynamic working environment, Erwin always feels lucky to be with other supportive coworkers who try their best to communicate effectively. Meanwhile, when it comes to making decisions, he consistently deliberates based on priority and whether it supports the company’s policy and operations.


In order to create a sustainable IT infrastructure environment, a team needs to find the most effective ways, both in technical and administrative aspects. It requires more than just "set and forget, but instead ongoing maintenance and development. By thoughtfully preparing the strategy, every IT infrastructure engineer will be able to fulfill the organization’s needs.


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