Next week, we will welcome the month of Ramadan, a month full of blessings, forgiveness and mercy. During this month, Muslims around the world will observe fasting. Apart from being a moment to increase practice through sharing, the fasting month is also often an opportunity for business people to increase sales.


At special moments such as the month of Ramadan, customer demand can also increase. However, the level of competition between businesses is also getting tougher. So, so that you can increase customer interest, don’t forget to present various attractive promos. Let’s take a look at some of the following inspirational fasting month promo ideas that you can apply, both for selling online and offline!

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1. Referral program


The referral program is a strategy implemented to get new customers through loyal customers. You see, your loyal customers will invite people they know to shop at your place of business. Later, you can provide special offers, both to new customers who transact through this program and customers who have shared their references.


2. Flash Sales


If you open an online store, either through an e-commerce website or a marketplace, you can hold flash sales, which are sales that are made quickly and are limited. Usually, during flash sales, businesses will sell products at very affordable prices. The aim is to get the customer to shop right away and not miss the opportunity. You see, once the flash sale has ended, the price of the product they are after will return to normal.


3. Free shipping


For online shopping, usually customers will be charged shipping costs. However, at this Ramadan moment, you can apply a free shipping promo. Apart from getting customers interested in shopping, you can also make it easier to sell the products available. Of course, this strategy is very useful so that businesses don’t have to bother storing leftover products, especially if the products you sell have an expired date.

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4. Cashback


It is undeniable, one type of promotion that is currently the most sought after is cashback. How to apply this promo is actually quite simple. You see, cashback will be given to people who have made transactions and followed the terms and conditions. Cashback can also be given in the form of points so that it can be used for further transactions.


5. Special discounts for certain transaction features


If you provide a non-cash payment method, then you can apply discounts for certain transaction features. One of them is a promo for credit card users who shop with a minimum nominal according to the terms and conditions. This promo will be attractive to customers because they can not only get the product they want, but can also save expenses.


6. BOGO (Buy One Get One)


A promotional strategy that can also be applied during the fasting month is BOGO, aka buy one get one. Through this promotion, you can choose to give a free product after the first gift or provide a discount on the purchase of a second product. BOGO plays an important role for businesses that don’t want to keep inventory for too long.


Applying promos during the fasting month has become one of the habits of business owners. You see, these promos can support business growth, both those that are run online and directly in physical stores. If you are alone, have you prepared a promo ahead of Ramadhan?

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