Trianita Adhi - Founder of Woodka

As an accessory that is used to support appearance, watches are produced using a variety of models and raw materials. One of them is Woodka, a local brand from Bandung that has been established since 2013. Through a unique concept, namely watches made from wood waste with interchangeable straps, this Cashlez Merchant has succeeded in attracting the attention of watch lovers to overseas!


The founder of Woodka, Trianita Adhi, told how she and her colleagues started a creative business that supports environmental preservation. While still in college, she was not only motivated to have her own business, but also to support the community to avoid consumptive behavior. From here, the idea emerged to present interchangeable straps on the watch. So, Woodka customers can change the strap they want to wear according to their daily activities.


source: IG @woodka_

Meanwhile, Trianita’s decision to use wood in her brand was not only because of its unique appearance. According to Trianita, wood material is very easy to find in Indonesia because here, there are a lot of wood craftsmen. From here, she began to think about utilizing wood waste which was later referred to as recycle wood. Apart from wood, Woodka also uses three main materials, namely leather, canvas, and Jepara weaving.


Setting up a business that has entered its 7th year is not a simple matter. Trianita certainly faces various challenges which she always makes a valuable lesson. One of them is fighting the stigma against womenpreneurs, namely the assumption that women cannot run their businesses seriously. In addition, she also has to balance personal preferences with customer desires. However, this did not make her give up, but continued to prove that the campaign strategy she was implementing was really based on research.

To run a business, Trianita believes that there are things that need attention, namely curiosity, empathy, and resilience. Curiosity motivates us to keep learning and make brands better than ever. Meanwhile, empathy helps us to tailor campaigns to customer needs. So, we must be able to put ourselves in a position as customers. Lastly, it’s also important to be tough and not underestimate yourself.

source: IG @woodka_

Besides making improvements in terms of products, Trianita and the team also realize how important service and effectiveness are in doing business. That is the reason they entrusted Cashlez as their business partner. According to him, Cashlez made it very easy, especially when Woodka was holding an event. All transactions can be recorded automatically, we don’t need to do it manually. Not only that, Woodka customers are also free to choose the payment options they want. If you are in the position of a customer, Trianita herself admits how easy it is to buy a product without having to bother thinking about what to pay for it. Indeed, Cashlez has also increased the purchasing power of woodka. Customers do not need to waste time managing payments because there is an integrated business solution from Cashlez for them.


From Trianita, we can all learn that a dream can be useful if we are persistent in realizing it. In 2013, Trianita only runs this business through Instagram alone. Then two years later, she started to have her own website and shop. At that time, she had moved to several locations. Then in 2016, finally she and the team had their own office. So from now on, let’s pursue what we dream!


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