JAKARTA, 29 January 2020 - Fintech payment gateway Cashlez continues to develop financing services by collaborating with banks and non-banks in Indonesia. This time, Cashlez is partnering with Duha Syariah, an online financing based on sharia principles that is registered and supervised by OJK.

Inauguration of Virtual Cooperation by Suwandi, CEO of Cashlez (Ki) and Hot Asi, CEO of Duha Syariah (Ka)


Through this collaboration, Cashlez merchants who are on Java island can apply for sharia-based funding through the Duha Syariah application. "We present this sharia financing service so that traders can have other options in applying for funding based on Islamic law, free of usury and transparent. We hope that it will provide benefits for traders to carry out business and religious activities,” said Suwandi, CEO of Cashlez.


Suwandi added that financing from Duha Syariah can be used to buy goods or all necessities for the needs of procuring working capital goods, financing is also available for umrah travel packages and halal tourism. In addition, financing from Duha Syariah can also use the invoice financing scheme.


"In line with Duha Syariah’s mission, which is to encourage umkm to go up in class, the hope is that Duha Syariah can help Cashlez traders to be able to apply for their business with Riba-free Islamic financing," said Hot Asi, CEO of Duha Syariah.


Duha Syariah is a strategic partner for Cashlez because even though it has only been operating for more than one year, Duha Syariah continues to innovate in terms of products and services so that it has many users and continues to increase.


"We believe that through Duha Syariah, many of our merchants will feel the benefits, both for their business and in their category. Indeed, currently it is still for traders who live on the island of Java, but it will be opened gradually in other cities," added Suwandi.

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