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Switching to non-cash makes you provide various QR Code? Take it easy! Now, just activate Static QR to accept payments from various digital wallets. Notifications of payment will be sent in automatically after the transaction is successfully done. Not only that, the schedule settlement also could be set by yourself! * T&C Apply


3 Easy Steps to Activate Static QR!

  1. Click the Menu button [≡] on the Cashlez App or Merchant Portal.
  2. Select "Upgrade Feature".
  3. On the "Request Payment Option" screen , select "Static QR" and "Submit".


Terms and Conditions:

  1. You have registered as a Cashlez Merchant.
  2. Filing Static QR will be processed in a time less over 7 (seven) working days.
  3. After the Static QR application is approved, you can print the QR Code via the Cashlez payment machine or other types of printers. The QR code can be used for transactions.
  4. Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) for Static QR can you see in here.
  5. PT. Bank Nationalnobu Tbk (NOBU) has the right to approve and reject the Static QR application submitted by the applicant.
  6. Terms and Conditions is made based on the provisions which apply to PT. Bank Nationalnobu Tbk (NOBU) and Cashlez, as well as the provisions of the laws that apply in Indonesia , including the provisions of Regulation Authority Services Finance.
  7. Terms and conditions is a part is not separated from the terms and conditions Cashlez, also the terms and conditions of PT. Bank Nationalnobu Tbk (NOBU).


For any further information, you can directly contact Cashlez Care at telephone number 1500539 or email [email protected] .


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