The rapid development of digital technology always provides many new opportunities for the community, one of which is through paylater payment solutions. Yup, this payment option is increasingly being used, both for transactions at online stores and physical stores.

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Not surprisingly, you as a business actor should also not miss following the trend to provide paylater payment features. However, in addition to adapting to the tendency to use paylater, you also have to know carefully how the right tips are to optimize your business with the paylater feature. Therefore, follow these 6 tips!


1. Integrate the POS system in your place of business


To simplify the checkout process at the cashier, you must also integrate the paylater feature with the POS system you are using. This is important to minimize the risk of data input errors during transactions. However, if you don’t have both, you can immediately use Cashlez which not only provides the mPOS feature, but also paylater payment options.

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2. Make sure you have studied the rate per transaction


Like other non-cash payment features, the paylater feature also has a rate per transaction that will be charged to business actors. In general, these fees are set as a percentage. Therefore, make sure you know in advance how much the transaction fee for the paylater feature that you will provide.



3. Provide the features that most benefit customers


When you want to provide the paylater feature, of course you have to choose several options. Before making a decision, make sure to always consider the benefits of the paylater feature for your customers! For example, this feature can provide paylater services with low interest and a fast verification process.


4. Tell me that you make it easy to pay via paylater


Do you want to increase your sales through the paylater feature? If the answer is yes, then don’t hesitate to make a notification that your place of business has provided this type of transaction. For example, you can put promotional media in the form of banners or tent cards that contain a message that customers can get the items they need practically with a paylater.


5. Invite customers to try the paylater feature


So that customers are more interested in using the paylater feature, you also have to provide promotions. For example, such as special discounts or direct gifts for payments by paylater. Well, because this payment is mobile-based, usually the paylater method is in great demand by the millennial generation. This can be your reference to determine what types of promotions are effective to increase the enthusiasm of your customers to shop and take advantage of buy now, pay later.


6. Provide paylater option in your online store


In addition to providing paylater payment options in physical stores, you also need to provide them on your online store, for example in e-commerce. This is important because the level of paylater usage is dominated by online purchases. That way, you can also increase the opportunity to increase your sales.


As one of today’s cashless payment options, paylater has been widely used by customers to get the goods and services they need quickly. So, have you considered which type of paylater you will use?


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