The extension of the PSBB, which was implemented in several regions in Indonesia, was considered to be increasingly hampering businesses, including home-based business actors. In fact, if you are keen to look for opportunities, there are various opportunities you can make a new solution! Here are some types of business opportunities that can be an alternative as long as your home-based business is temporarily closed!


  1. Selling cloth masks

Since the emergence of the Corona virus, people are in dire need of protective equipments, like masks and hand sanitizers. Therefore, if you have sewing skills, you can try this fabric mask business opportunity. There are various types of fabric masks that you can make, such as string fabric masks, coated fabric masks, to rubber cloth masks. To increase the variety of masks, you can also provide a variety of fabric mask motifs, for example cartoon motifs that kids love.


  1. Catering healthy food

The emergence of Corona virus makes the level of public awareness of health even higher. Because if the body is fit, a person will not be easily exposed to the Corona virus. Therefore, you who have cooking skills can take the opportunity to provide healthy food catering. Provide a variety of nutritious foods and are enriched with protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. To market your product, you can offer a subscription program or also install menus on the application platform so people can find your products easily.


  1. Healthy drinks

In addition to healthy food, people are now also often looking for drinks that can maintain endurance. Hence, the business opportunity for fruit juice rich in vitamins and herbs from native Indonesian spices is very promising. By consuming healthy drinks regularly, your body’s stamina will also be maintained so that we don’t get sick easily.


  1. Online courses

Do you have foreign language skills, or school lessons like Mathematics and Biology? Now, it’s time you offer online courses for students. The opportunities for these online courses have greatly increased since the government asked schools to conduct distance learning activities. Moreover, not all parents can help their children to understand school lessons. Need the help of a professional person so that children can learn the material provided.


  1. Fast food

The existence of social restrictions in various regions in Indonesia made many people forced to stay at home. Outside activities that are still permitted are to shop for daily needs. Therefore, this is very difficult for those who are not used to serving their own food. You can be a solution for them by offering a variety of frozen food menus that can be served quickly.


  1. Convection for PPE

Do you have a convection business at home? This is the right time to switch production by presenting PPE equipment needed by medical personnel. At present, PPE needs have increased dramatically. Moreover, PPE cannot be worn for a long time. After 4 hours, medical personnel must replace the PPE they are wearing with a new PPE. By producing PPE, you have lightened the burden on government and medical personnel who need large amounts of PPE stock.


One opportunity is closed, then another opportunity will be open, as is your home business which might not be able to operate effectively at this time. However, there are still many other opportunities that you can do with the abilities, opportunities, and creativity you have to continue being an entrepreneur.

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