Jakarta, 17 June 2021 – Today (17/6/21) Fintech Payment Gateway PT Cashlez Worldwide Indonesia Tbk (Cashlez) and P2P Lending fintech PT Lumbung Dana Indonesia (LDI) inaugurated the “Gotong Royong Cooperation” marked by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) by Suwandi, President Director of Cashlez and Yoga Mahesa P. Kuniarto, President Director of LDI at Menara Prima, Jakarta.


This signing is a manifestation of the initial step of exploring Mutual Cooperation in improving services in the financial sector to help drive the MSME economy in Indonesia, as well as assisting the government in economic recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic.


President Director of Cashlez, Suwandi, said the purpose of the Gotong Royong Cooperation with Fintech P2P lending Lumbung Dana is to improve financial services to business actors who join the Cashlez Payment Gateway Ecosystem, namely financing or loan services that are urgently needed by MSMEs in development and accelerate business growth. they.


“By joining the Fintech P2P Lending Lumbung Dana, it will certainly increase the value and quality of Cashlez services to our merchants, especially the availability of financing for merchants who need business capital in the midst of current conditions. This is also one of our commitments to the development of MSMEs in Indonesia," he wrote.


Suwandi added that the form of Mutual Cooperation takes part in a collaboration that benefits all parties in building the fintech ecosystem in Indonesia, which is in line with the Government Synergy Program (BI and OJK) and Associations (AFTECH and AFPI) for the life cycle of the fintech industry. .


According to him, this program can increase the fintech market share in Indonesia, so that it can reach more MSMEs throughout Indonesia to become the national economic recovery chain that opens the Covid-19 pandemic.


In line with Cashlez, Fintech P2P Lending Lumbung Dana Indonesia (LDI) which has full permission from the OJK also agrees that this form of Mutual Cooperation is a breakthrough in expanding the MSME market that requires access to capital to be served quickly, transparently, and without guarantees.


“Market share development is currently a priority in Lumbung Dana’s P2P lending life cycle, we have to move quickly and smartly in responding to customer needs, especially in access to capital, and we are happy that the principle of gotong royong that we explored and discussed with Cashlez partners believes as an idea. creative and concrete as well as complementary in supporting the development of MSMEs,” said Yoga Mahesa P. Kuniarto, President Director of PT Lumbung Dana Indonesia (LDI).


Yoga also believes and has always believed that Gotong Royong Cooperation will provide benefits to MSME actors in an integrated ecosystem, so that MSMEs are pampered with the availability of available capital financing and the process of submitting capital is faster and less complicated, because all data has been profiled in an integrated data system. and of course useful in reducing the risk of default.


Fintech P2P Lending Lumbung Dana will adopt these creative ideas to implement suggestions from OJK and AFPI in accessing financial services for MSMEs.


Furthermore, Yoga expressed hope that the Mutual Cooperation with Cashlez would open up opportunities for all parties, including finance and banking, to be able to work together to expand service quality and market share for Indonesia’s economic progress.


Suwandi and Yoga changed the role model from elaboration in the development of the fintech ecosystem. This will be the basis of innovation in the development of financial services in the future and make the ecosystem more independent and have opportunities to support MSME services supported by types of services that are complete, easy and fun. for customers.


“We want to build an independent data and ecosystem together. We believe that in Indonesia the opportunity for such an elaboration is still very wide open because Indonesia has a demographic bonus that is not yet connected and well utilized. This is an opportunity we can work on together.” close Yoga.


Cashlez and LDI are targeting financial services in a period of 1 year to reach a financial transaction value of IDR 10 Trillion and is expected to continue to increase in the following year. This Gotong Royong cooperation also attracts the number of subscribers to 500,000 in 2021.

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