In fact, finding business ideas is not an easy thing to do. Although there are many choices, we certainly can not determine carelessly because if we do not understand the business, then we will find it difficult to develop. Not to mention the competition from other business players.

When we want to determine what kind of business we want to do, we can look for inspiration based on current lifestyle trends, such as digitalization that is found in various aspects of our lives. So, now many people are starting to open businesses in the digital field. So, what can be a digital business opportunity in 2020? Come on, find out the answer in the explanation below!

1. Article writing services
Because the digital world is growing rapidly, people’s needs for digital information are also increasing. Therefore, there is the potential for article writing business that can meet the people’s demand for information. The rapid growth of this article writing service has actually begun in recent years. One of them is a business that offers informative writing services and influences readers. Usually, business people in this field need to have knowledge about Search Engine Optimization to facilitate article search.

2. Online marketing
Although it has long been developing in Indonesia, the online marketing business is still one of the types of businesses that will continue to grow and provide promising benefits. There are several types of online marketing that are currently often used, namely Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and SEO alias Search Engine Optimization. Through these three tools, service tenant products will be marketed online. The time period for renting this service can also be adjusted to the needs of customers, ranging from a monthly period, up to per semester.

3. Graphic design
If we want to run a digital-based and creative business, being a graphic design business is one way. Due to the increasing use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram, graphic design business opportunities are increasing. Moreover, visual content is now needed, especially for marketing. Therefore, business people compete with each other to create interesting content.
Having expertise in the digital field is one of the plus points that helps us to run a business. Which of these three types of business are you most interested in?


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