Awareness of the importance of protecting the environment has influenced the tendency of customers to choose a product. Therefore, it is not surprising that even business people are strongly advised to start implementing sustainable business principles. This can be applied to various aspects, ranging from product packaging to the production process of an item with reduced emissions.


Usually, the habit of applying environmentally friendly principles can start from the way you as a business owner develops products. You may start by selecting the type of raw material, the amount of energy, waste management, and so on. Basically, the implementation of sustainable business can be done by any business sector, including the printing business. Although not many people know, it turns out that using digital printing services is more environmentally friendly, let’s see the following reasons!

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1. Reduce the amount of waste


Who would have thought, it turns out that the digital printing business can also make you reduce waste production. You see, when compared to conventional printers, digital printer plates do not have to be made, provided, and produced on every file that has not been printed or also known as Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).

Meanwhile, conventional printer plates will be used and damaged over time so a new plate will always be needed. If you use a digital printing system, the documents only need to be uploaded and printed. So, the process is more practical like you use a home printer.


2. Reduce emissions


Your customers may need different printing results. Even so, you as a business actor can consider providing alternatives so that the carbon footprint and emissions produced during the printing process can be reduced.

The good news is that digital printing business players produce lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional printing systems. Not surprisingly, digital printing can be the right solution so that we can both reduce the impact of traditional printing activities on the environment.

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3. Making printouts more efficient


Digital printing allows you to print documents based on customer requests. In addition, this system can also print several SKU files in one session and of course, customers can order printing in small quantities.

Through its advantages, the use of digital printing can not only reduce waste production, but also additional operational costs. So, you can have more funds to allocate for other purposes.


4. The material can be customized


The materials used during the digital printing process tend to be more environmentally friendly, from inks to photo films. This is because the ink used is polymer-based ink that does not contain harmful pollutants.

Since the ink is more environmentally friendly, less energy is required. In addition, digital printing service providers can also use films made from recycled resin content.


In addition to providing digital printing services, you can also apply the habit of protecting the environment through simple ways, for example, using the Cashlez Application which is equipped with an e-receipt. Without needing to be printed on paper, you can send this proof of payment to customers via e-mail. Moreover, the payment system in the Cashlez Application has also been integrated with various non-cash payment features such as QRIS, Virtual Accounts, installments, and online card payments. And of course, you can also access sales reports practically without the need to come directly to the place of business!



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