As a business actor, you certainly must have the courage to make decisions so that your business grows. Moreover, times will also always experience changes so that the tendency of customers also changes. Without creativity and innovation, it will be difficult for you to adjust your efforts to market demand. In addition, the following things also affect stagnant business conditions.

1. Marketing strategy mistakes
Businesses have targets in the form of sales figures so that to achieve these targets, you also need to do marketing so consumers are interested in your product and are interested in buying it. If you do not do the right strategy, then your product will be difficult to attract the attention of customers, for example because the price is too high.

2. Do not see the development of competitors
Underestimating competitors is the biggest mistake a business actor can make. You should not be indifferent to what your competitors are doing. Who knows, they have an effective strategy and you can apply it. And without that strategy, you will find it difficult to tailor your business to customer needs.

3. Easily surrender
Believe it or not, challenges in running a business will always be there because regardless of whatever type of business you have, there will definitely be risks. You as a business owner must be ready to face it. Do not let because of challenges, you instead give up because you do not know what the right solution to overcome them.

4. Not being a good leader
You definitely need staff so you can focus on making your business progress, not just running the existing ones. Therefore, you should set an example as a good leader. For example, by providing certain facilities for staff as well as the right to permit for certain needs.

5. Location is not strategic
The position of the place of business has a major influence on the progress of the business. If for example you open a coffee shop in a residential area, then chances are the coffee shop is not much visited. Conversely, when you open near the office area, your business has the potential to be crowded with visitors that fit your target.
You need time to make your business grow. In addition, you also need to know first why your business is not developing.

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