As we know, working from home becomes one of the 2020 trends because of the pandemic. But before then, some of us actually have worked remotely. Cashlez, which is located in some regions in Indonesia, also gets some remote team members. This time, Yudhistira Muttaqin, the Business Development Executive of Cashlez in Bandung will get us some insights about how productivity and working efficiency aren’t affected by distance.


Yudhis, who has joined Cashlez for over a year, is the only Cashlezians who stays in Bandung. However, this doesn’t mean that he is the single fighter. “Even though most of my colleagues are in Jakarta, we are able to cooperate and communicate effectively. We are not only friends who can share funny things, but also team mates that can trust each other. So for me, the distance between Cashlezian in Bandung and Cashlezians in other cities doesn’t matter. Plus, we are also living in a digital era, where information technology has developed quickly so that we can access anything we need easily,” explained Yudhis.


Besides having supportive colleagues, working from home in a fintech startup company brings Yudhis other great opportunities. He could enjoy a dynamic and flexible working experience, which relies on technology. In this start up, there is no boundary between one and another. Although Yudhis previously had worked in some payment companies and have relevant working experiences to his current position, he admitted that this is the first time he could work directly with anyone, regardless of her/his position in this company. Therefore, he is able to gain new experiences and skills from anyone.


Before the pandemic, Yudhis who is a Business Development Executive, used to contact the merchants directly. But since this CoronaVirus cases have been occured, he has to limit the direct contact by switching from offline to online. “At the first time, it was so challenging because I love going outside to interact with merchants, partners, and the others. Then I decided to things virtually, as much as I can, such as online presentation and online meeting.” said Yudhis.


Fortunately, the work adjustments didn’t impact his performance as he can handle anything well. “This pandemic might limit our outdoor activities, but we are still able to use chat or video call features,” explained Yudhis. We neither know nor control what will happen, but we could still decide how to respond to it. This is the same for our current situation, in which we had never expected that the pandemic forced us to adapt, but there are some options we could enhance our professionality.


Generally, working remotely is just a situation. How to make it effective definitely depends on the individuals, whether we are willing to develop ourselves or not. This Business Development Executive, who was a composer in high school also said that it is important to always make a priority scale as our time is limited. Do what we love and love what we do, so that we can give our best to anything.


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