Reporting from, the number of food and beverage business owners including Micro-Small Industries in Indonesia reaches 36% of the total national IMK. Not surprisingly, the F&B business, including restaurants, is a promising business opportunity. Moreover, restaurant business owners also have many opportunities to be creative and develop.


The restaurant business that you run can also be adapted to customer needs, both in terms of products and services. For example, now, there are more and more business actors who provide non-cash payment services to make it easier for customers to transact. So, what are restaurant business ideas that have great potential? Find out the answer through the following explanation!

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1. Ghost Kitchen


As we know, since the emergence of Covid-19, food delivery services have become increasingly popular. Hence, the concept of a ghost kitchen, which is a restaurant that only provides delivery services, is becoming increasingly popular. Of course, you no longer need to provide a place to dine in because you only need to rent a place to cook.


2. Fine-dining restaurant


Usually, fine-dining restaurants are considered as one of the business opportunities that require a lot of budget. However, in fact, fine-dining restaurants can also be run with a more affordable budget, for example by renting a smaller place. Make sure the menus and services at your fine-dining restaurant are not only delicious, but also provide a memorable experience for customers.


3. Fast-Casual


Fast-casual is a restaurant that combines two concepts, namely fast-food and casual dining. So, the food and beverage menus presented at fast-casual restaurants usually have a higher quality than those in fast-food restaurants. However, when you place an order, the method is similar to ordering at a fast-food restaurant.

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4. Food trucks


Want to open a restaurant business that can move from one place to another? If you are interested, then you can open a food truck. Usually, the menus offered in food trucks do not have much variety. So, you can focus on making just a few menus, but you need to consider which places are strategic to offer these food truck foods, for example, near parks or other public places.


5. Kiosk in food court


Food hall is a place where food and beverage business owners gather in one place to open their own kiosks. Not surprisingly, doing business in a food court can also be a promising opportunity for you. Moreover, the service system in food courts usually already has standards so that it becomes more effective. For example, business actors at food courts can use Cashlez’s non-cash payment service, which makes it easier for buyers to transact.


6. Snack bar


Different from restaurants in general which provide a variety of main food menus such as fried rice, meatballs, and soup, the snack bar business idea focuses on providing snacks and drinks. However, you still provide a place for visitors to enjoy a meal while gathering with the people closest to them. You can also work with other food business owners so that visitors can also enjoy a varied menu while enjoying the comfort of your snack bar.


The restaurant business has a variety of variations which of course can be adjusted to the tendencies of your business and customers. Of course, the restaurant business idea that you use can be one of the attractions for potential customers. So, what type of restaurant business is interesting for you to run?

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