Based on, research conducted by the company Criteo last year revealed that online retail sales in Indonesia had increased during the fasting month. Some types of products that have increased are fashion and electronic goods. Meanwhile, the shopping peak will appear four days before Eid. As a retailer, of course you can’t miss this precious moment. You need to do some strategies in order to maximize sales before Lebaran through the following methods!


  1. Maximizing the quality of products and services

When the fasting month, customers who shop certainly more than usual. Therefore, you need to maximize the quality of products and services as proof of your commitment to customers. Make sure you provide products from the best suppliers . In addition, you also need to enter customer testimonials, both on the website and social media so that other potential customers can see for themselves the quality of the service you have. And, don’t forget to always make it easy for customers to make payments by providing various payment options from Cashlez. Through Cashlez Pay, you can use non face to face payment features such as Cashlez Link and VA Artajasa ATM-B.


  1. Determine the right time for promotion

As one of the special moments, businesses should also hold promotions in the fasting month. Moreover, the number of requests this month also increased. Well, you can promote your business online and determine the right time to install the promotion. For example, at the time of dawn or breaking the fast, where people tend to fill their free time to look for the products they need.


  1. Create promotions related to fasting and Eid

In order to make your promotion easier to find in online search engines , it is better if you do promotions related to the theme of fasting and Eid. That way, promotional words are also more related to searches by internet users. So, suppose you are a food and beverage business, you can make a promotion for dawn or break the fast. Meanwhile, you who run clothing business can make a special promotion for Eid.


  1. Provide delivery services to facilitate customers

The more types of services you provide, the easier it is for your customers to transact. Therefore, you also need to provide delivery services so that customers do not have to bother coming to the store. Moreover, the current application of social distancing is still ongoing. If possible, you can also use a free shipping promo with a certain minimum purchase.


  1. Always monitor business finances

In the midst of the many requests in the month of Ramadan, you certainly have to continue to monitor finances at the place of business. Moreover, sometimes you need an additional budget as capital, for example to buy additional raw material stock. However, you don’t need to bother calculating all income manually because there is Cashlez that you can use without subscription fees. As a today’s business solution, Cashlez makes it easy for you to find out sales reports in real time . In addition, you can schedule your own settlement at your place of business.


Opportunities to increase sales in the fasting month is very much, especially for if you can adjust to customer trends. When a lot of activities are online, you also need to shift sales in the online store. Stay in the spirit of running your business and trust Cashlez as an integrated business and payment solution.
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