Makassar City is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia which is famous for its culinary. There, we can find various places to eat that not only provide delicious dishes from the archipelago, but also provide comfort and tranquility for its visitors. One of them is RM. Buguri located on Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan KM. 16 and Jl. Pelita Raya no. 47

Even though it was only founded a few months ago, this restaurant owned by Sudirman was never empty of visitors. The first branch that opened 6 months ago and the second branch, which opened 3 months ago, always looked busy, especially during lunch and dinner time. Visitors who came were quite diverse, ranging from family to coworkers.

Name of RM. Buguri itself comes from the abbreviation, which is the Tasteful Spice Restaurant. According to Sudirman, the term Buguri signifies one of the features because it uses only selected spices. In addition to raw materials, RM. Buguri also provides comfort for its visitors through the feel of a cool and natural restaurant. Visitors can enjoy peace while looking at the fish pond while eating the ordered dishes. Here, they can also choose to eat at the cottage while sitting on a regular table or table.

As a businessman who has been struggling in the culinary field for approximately 7 years Sudirman realizes that the restaurant business has great potential. However, this potential is not only in terms of profit, but also in terms of human resources. Opening RM. Buguri made Sudirman able to employ many employees, both those who were in charge of serving, making food, and keeping the cashier. Indirectly, this effort has helped the government to reduce the unemployment number.

Even though he already has enough experiences, that does not mean Sudirman doesn’t face any challenges when running his business. Sometimes, there are things that are unexpected that require a solution, such as the availability of raw materials and human resource management. However, despite all that, Sudirman remains optimistic to continue to develop RM. Buguri and make it as one of the culinary tourism destinations in Makassar.

How to Sudirman to continue advancing RM. Buguri? He improved the quality of his services to make it easier for customers to make payments. Therefore, Sudirman uses Cashlez, which provides cashier features and payment machines that accept non-cash transactions, ranging from credit / debit cards, and digital payments such as LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, and Kredivo.

For Sudirman, the need for non-cash payment instruments is very important because at present, the cashless system has been widely applied, starting from payments at toll gates, refueling, to eating places. Before using Cashlez, some visitors of RM. Buguri also asked whether they could pay non-cash or not. This has strengthened him to entrust Cashlez. Moreover, all sales reports have also been recorded automatically in the merchant’s dashboard.

Do you want to manage your business practically and safely like Sudirman? Use Cashlez!

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