For business owners focused in food and beverages, there is one thing that should not be ignored, namely maintaining taste. You see, the taste of the product being sold has a big effect on making customers return to shopping. If the taste of the food or drink you provide is not the same as usual, customers may feel disappointed and decide to switch to another product.


The principle of maintaining the taste of the product is usually also applied by business owners who continue their family business. One of the Cashlez Merchants, Marcel, shared his experience as the successor of a family business that uses recipes passed down from generation to generation while adapting to changing customer trends.

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A variety of flavors that make customers nostalgic


Met at the store located at The Breeze BSD, Marcel explained that Roti Kita Bakery is a business that he continues from his family. Therefore, it is not surprising that the recipe used is also a hereditary recipe. This is one of the features of Roti Kita Bakery.

Meanwhile, there are various variants of typical bread flavors that can make customers nostalgic, such as chocolate, coconut, srikaya, salty cheese, and soy sauce chicken. Not only that, Kita Bakery also provides white bread and whole wheat bread. So, customers can create their own white bread, such as smeared with jam, used as an ingredient to make sandwiches, or eaten directly.


No preservatives, the right choice for a healthy lifestyle


When eating products from Roti Kita Bakery, we can feel the soft texture of the bread. And what’s even more interesting is that the breads there don’t use preservatives at all! So, customers don’t need to hesitate anymore to buy it. Of course, these breads are healthy and safe for consumption.

As the owner of Roti Kita Bakery, Marcel revealed that the ingredients used to make bread dough are not only preservative-free, but also of high quality, starting from flour, eggs, so that the meat is the filling for the bread. This is what also makes Roti Kita Bakery has the tagline of roti sehat, roti kita semua (healthy bread, our bread).

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Follow changes appropriately so that the business progresses


Even though Roti Kita Bakery is a business carried on by family members, it doesn’t mean that Marcel hasn’t made any changes to his business at all. According to Marcel, business actors must ensure that their ideas match the needs and tastes of the community. Therefore, Marcel also presents other variations of bread flavors, such as ovomaltine, blueberry, and strawberry.

In the service system, Roti Kita Bakery relies on the Cashlez payment system which can accept various payment options. Without long queues, customers can practically choose what payment method they want, from credit/debit cards to QR Payments. Moreover, the automatic transaction recording system in Cashlez Reporting will make it easier for business owners like Marcel to monitor the smooth running of their business without having to come directly to the store. Therefore, the business that Marcel manages has become more effective.


Through the experience shared by Marcel, we can understand that change should not be seen as something good or bad. It all depends on yourself as a business owner, whether you can make these changes into progress or you need to maintain the old ways as one of the features of your business.

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