As one of the most awaited moments, the wedding celebration will be prepared in detail. Therefore, it is not only the place and catering that are considered by the prospective bride and groom. The types of souvenirs provided to invited guests will also be determined based on various factors, such as the available budget, the shape of the souvenir, to the suitability of the souvenir with the theme of the wedding party.


As a wedding gift business owner, of course you have to be able to understand the needs of the customers. This is important so that the products you provide are in accordance with what customers need. So, what are the types of souvenirs that you must provide? Find out more through the following explanation!


1. Cutlery set


This wedding souvenir can not only be used everyday, but can also be uniquely designed. Customers can order cutlery or straws that are equipped with packaging bearing the initials of the bride’s name. Meanwhile, the cutlery packaging can be in the form of a box or pouch.


2. Card Holder


Along with the development of digitalization, including in the payment system, people are increasingly reducing the use of cash. On the other hand, the use of other payment instruments such as cards is increasing. So, you can also provide a card holder as a souvenir that serves to store the cards.


3. Aromatherapy candles


As one type of aesthetic product, aromatherapy candles can not only make the room look more beautiful. Its calming scent can also be used to relieve stress. Not surprisingly, aromatherapy candles are also classified as one of the best-selling types of wedding souvenirs.


4. Glass


If you want your wedding souvenir business to always sell well, don’t miss this type of product! You see, there are so many customers who will choose glasses as their wedding souvenirs. Moreover, glass also has various shapes and sizes.


5. Tumbler


Like glasses, tumblers are also one of the most popular types of wedding souvenirs. Moreover, we also often hear campaigns about the importance of reducing plastic waste through the use of tumblers. Well, if it is produced as a souvenir, usually you can print the tumbler according to the design requested by the customer.


6. Keychain


You could say, key chains are one type of wedding souvenir that is timeless. Moreover, there are various choices of key chains that can be ordered. In fact, you can also provide custom keychain manufacturing services for customers!


7. Eco-friendly shopping bags


Eco-friendly shopping bags are a must-have item when traveling. You see, the sellers no longer provide plastic bags. Therefore, this one item is also often sought after and in demand by the prospective bride and groom as a souvenir choice. Usually, these shopping bags are made of cloth.


8. Chocolate in a jar


Who says wedding favors can only contain objects? You can also offer chocolate that has been packaged and put in a jar. Later, the jar can be decorated according to the tastes of your customers, for example by writing the name of the bride and the date of her wedding.


9. Pouch


As we know, pouch is one of the items that can be relied on to carry various objects. Some of them include make-up tools, notebooks, and gadgets. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the bride and groom to choose this one souvenir for the attendees at the wedding.


10. Handmade soap


As one of the body care products, handmade soap not only has various benefits for skin health. Because it is made from organic ingredients, this soap is also environmentally friendly. So that souvenirs containing handmade soap look attractive, you can give a special design to the packaging.


Wedding souvenirs are a form of appreciation conveyed by the bride and groom to the invited guests. So, wedding gift business owners must try their best to make their customers’ wedding moments special. In addition, be sure to also use payment services that make it easier for customers. In the Cashlez Application, your customers can transact comfortably using credit/debit cards, QRIS, Virtual Accounts, and so on.

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