Along with the development of the times, the type of business has become diverse. There are business sectors that have long-term prospects. However, there are also businesses that belong to seasonal businesses because they appear based on market demand trends . Meanwhile, the geographical location also influences the potential of a business. In rural areas, one type of business that has potential in the future is an ornamental plant business. This is because ornamental plant enthusiasts are quite diverse. Usually, the people who buy these plants are those who want to make the home decoration look more beautiful and attractive. These ornamental plants can be placed in the yard or inside the house as an interior decoration.


In addition to individuals, buyers of ornamental plants can also come from certain sectors. Some people use ornamental plants in office buildings, garden, and other public places. Due to the diversity of target customers, this one business opportunity has promising potential to run in the long run. Of course, the business of ornamental plants will also be easier if you run if you have an interest in planting and caring for plants. Before maintaining ornamental plants, you also need to know the right steps to start this business, both through literature sources and based on advice from experienced people. After knowing the method, you also need to find out the types of ornamental plants that are most sought after on the market. Want to know what types of ornamental plants can provide maximum benefits? Here are the answers!


  1. Rose

As we know, flowers are one of the most popular ornamental plants. And among the many types of flowers, roses become a type of plant that has the potential to generate profits. Moreover, roses are also widely used on certain occasions such as graduations and Valentine’s Day. Now , in addition to offering rose plants, you can also provide the seeds for your own planting.


  1. Orchid

Besides roses, another popular ornamental plant in the flower category is orchids. Like roses, orchids have many potential customers, especially among orchid enthusiasts. Even so, you can’t sell orchids per stem like roses. However, you can offer orchids that you have planted or offer seeds.


  1. Sunflower

As one of the easy-to-care ornamental plants, sunflower is also one of the ornamental plants that is much favored by the public. Moreover, based on , flower this one can also contribute to improving air quality! Like roses, you can offer sunflowers as a bouquet of flowers that will be used on certain celebrations.


  1. Jasmine

The elegant shape of the beautiful appearance is the main attraction for jasmine. Just like sunflowers and roses, you can sell jasmine as seeds, ornamental plants, or cut flowers. Not only that, jasmine flowers can also be used as sowing flowers on certain occasions.


  1. Bonsai Tree

This small and beautiful tree can be made from a variety of plants. Therefore, the business potential of bonsai trees is very large, especially among fans of ornamental plants. Because the manufacturing process is fairly difficult, the price of this plant is priced quite high ranging from millions, hundreds of millions, to billions of rupiah.


There are various ornamental plants that have the potential as a business sector. The rest, the success of your business will certainly be determined by the right way of business management. Don’t forget to make managing your business easier with Cashlez!



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