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Ever heard of the term kuda-kuda? Yup, this term is often used to describe students who own businesses. The kuda-kuda themselves stand for trade lectures. So, after they finish attending college, they will continue their activities as business owners.


Businesses run by students are of course very diverse, ranging from food and beverages, cosmetics, fashion, to digital marketing services. The way to sell can also be adjusted, such as a pre-order system, drop ship, to selling in your own shop. Of course the opportunity to do business while in college provides its own experience. However, to ensure business and studies run smoothly, students also need to consider the following things!


If you run a business, you will get the following benefits.


1. Enthusiastic to run their own business


If you build your own business, you will feel enthusiastic. You see, you realize that the business arose from your idea. It is possible that the business you run is based on hobbies, interests, and other good goals that you believe in. Moreover, you will also be responsible for evaluating and developing it.

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2. Earning income from hobbies


As previously explained, a business can start from a hobby. So, if you are one of the business actors who have hobbies according to the type of business, then you can feel how much fun the business you do is. You don’t see the business as a burden, but as an opportunity to improve your skills.


3. Become a better person than before


As a business owner, you will certainly learn various skills. In addition, you will also learn how to use your values and principles effectively. As a result, you can improve your skills, both hard skills such as business skills and soft skills such as leadership and teamwork.

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4. Work flexibly


As a business actor, you don’t have a fixed work schedule. So, you can run this profession while in college. Of course, you also have to make sure that your schedule doesn’t interfere with academic activities.


However, when you study while doing business, make sure to anticipate challenges that can be experienced, such as the following points.


1. Great responsibility


As a student as well as a business actor, you have a big responsibility for managing finances and sales. You also have to be able to manage time to ensure that you can run a business while studying and understanding course material. And to make sure both of them run smoothly, you have to rely on yourself, not someone else.


2. Business competition


One thing that cannot be avoided by business actors is business competition. You have to try to stay ahead of competitors. For that, there are various things that you can learn, from knowing market trends to building good relationships with customers.


3. Business budget


To ensure the smooth running of the business, an adequate allocation of funds is required. Therefore, you should consider how much monthly costs you will need for business needs. Some of these types of costs can be in the form of electricity bills, water bills, and place rental fees.


4. Anticipate the unexpected


It is undeniable, as the business goes on, business people can experience unexpected things. This may cause them to take appropriate action. So, you also need to anticipate these things in a number of ways, for example by setting aside an emergency fund that can be used if there is an urgent need.


The lecture period is a good opportunity for students to develop, both academically and non-academically. They can accumulate a lot of experience and expertise before graduating and entering the workforce. If you are, are you interested in studying while running a business?

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