A somebody’s life always changes, starting from babies, children, adolescents, to moving into adults. To remember the memories spent with family, most of us will probably capture them through photos. However, did you know that there are unique ways that will make the memory feel more real?

Starting from her personal experience raising children, Yeanny was inspired to provide baby foot and hand print services. Together with some of his colleagues, he founded 3dPortrait Asia. Different from two-dimensional images, 3d Portrait Asia prints baby’s feet and hands directly so that the results are shaped like a statue. Therefore, do not be surprised if the prints look very detailed, starting from the size, shape, nails, until every stroke on the printed body parts.

Through prints from 3dPortrait, customers can capture
the precious moments they have ever had in their lives. Moreover, 3dPortrait does not only capture memory as a baby. We can also capture other memories, such as printing the stomach during pregnancy and the hands of a couple who want to get married. In fact, there are also customers who ask 3dPortrait to print faces that are made to capture certain moments.

Since it was founded in 2010 until now, 3dPortrait has undergone many developments. Initially, this home-based business started as a small-scale business, but over time, Yeanny and her colleagues succeeded in carrying out various marketing strategies, both online and offline. Some of them are through exhibitions, collaborating with business partners, and installing branding at infant and child hospitals.

Previously, 3dPortrait only focused its orders on customers in the Jakarta area, now many of its customers come from outside Jakarta. Yeanny acknowledged that the rapid development of the business was inseparable from the role of its customers. 3dPortrait has many loyal customers, who have used their services from the birth of the first child to the youngest child.

3dPortrait customer satisfaction is inseparable from the quality of the products and services available. Here, customers who are mostly new mothers do not have to bother taking printouts. 3dPortrait will print and send the results to the customer’s home.
In making payments, 3dPortrait customers can choose various types of transactions. This is because 3dPortrait becomes a Cashlez Merchant that accepts digital payments such as LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, and Kredivo. Not only that, when visiting a customer’s home, 3dPortrait also provides a Cashlez Reader Printer that can accept various types of debit / credit cards.

For Yeanny and her partners, Cashlez’s excellence is not only profitable for customers, but also for businesses. Yeanny no longer needs to bother combining daily sales reports, since all transactions have been recorded on the merchant’s dashboard in real time. So, businesses can access it anytime, anywhere. Have you made Cashlez the #YourPartnerForever and the best solution for doing business?

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