The government’s recommendation to conduct physical distancing makes many people tend to make purchases online. Of course, this is effective in reducing contact between one person and another so that the Covid-19 pandemic can be solved. Therefore, if you have a business, this is the right time for you to take advantage of the online store that you have. Because in addition to being effective in anticipating the spread of viruses, online shops also have the following advantages.
1. Operating costs are more affordable
In terms of operational costs, online stores are far more affordable compared to physical stores. Moreover, today’s digital era is very supportive of your online business. One of them is the presence of the Cashlez Application which has a mobile POS feature and online payment in the form of Cashlez Link. Simply through the payment link, your customers can transact easily and safely. This application you can download for free through the Play Store or App Store and there are no subscription fee!
2. Minimize expenses and optimize marketing
By starting an online business, you no longer need to bother thinking about the costs to pay rent, electricity bills, security fees, cleaning costs, and other expenses because you basically use enough internet connection and some software to create attractive marketing content . So, even though you don’t have a banner or flyer, you can introduce your products through various platforms, such as marketplaces, social media, to e-mail and mobile marketing that aim to market products in accordance with the target consumer.
3. Your business continues to run, even able to grow
The change in the way shopping certainly makes you have to adjust it to your business. If you don’t follow the changes, you will certainly be left behind. Changing things that have become a habit is not easy, but as long as it provides positive change, of course you need to accept it. Because basically, these changes don’t make your business stop. In fact, the existence of these online stores can also boost your business.

Utilizing online stores is something that must be done by every businessman at the present time. Because through this, you can not only reduce expenses, but also increase sales.

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