We all have various dreams, such as dreams of owning a house, buying a vehicle, or opening our own business. However, not all dreams can be realized immediately. Sometimes, we also need to do other things first, always trying to catch up on our dreams. This is what is felt by the business owners who are still full-timers.


The decision to keep working while opening a business can be based on many things, from meeting financial needs to increasing work experience. For whatever reason, you can play the role of a full-time worker as well as an entrepreneur through the following tips and tricks!


  1. Commitment to continue what you want to do

When you have to start a business while you still have a full-time job, you will definitely feel how provisioning is. Hence, you need to have a schedule which of course you must make your new one to complete your daily tasks both in work and business matters. In addition, having a schedule can also help you commit to what you want to do.


  1. Get used to being able to divide roles

One of the considerations for building while working is still in the consideration that one day, you will be able to leave your current profession and become an entrepreneur. So, that’s why from now on, make it a habit to divide your roles in a disciplined manner. Work from morning to evening, then after returning home, you can start taking care of business needs.


  1. Realize that all of this takes hard work

Starting a business is not easy, especially if you are still an employee. But once you can realize and accept this, running it can become easier. You don’t have to listen to things like "If you don’t spend all your time in business, you won’t be successful" which can make you pessimistic.


  1. Use the monthly stage for capital and emergency funds

Even though it seems difficult, running a business while working also has a plus point! For example, like a more stable financial position, where you can use your stage for capital or emergency funds. Of course, this can keep your business cash flow healthy because you can save more.


  1. Learn from experienced coworkers

As someone who is new to the world of entrepreneurship, you also need to take the time to learn from experienced coworkers. Learning with them is not only beneficial for your career and business, but also for you personally, for example, such as tips on getting work-life balance after you start a business or things you need to avoid when running a business and working full time.


  1. Determine your financial goals

In order to reduce pressure on yourself, don’t forget to determine your finances. This helps you to be motivated and focused on your goals. Keep in mind, this financial target can come from two sides, both from the work you are doing and from the profit business.


  1. Adjust free time & avoid distraction

Time is one of the important assets that you must use wisely. When you can be on time, you will realize how many things you can do. To be sure, the main key is to avoid various kinds of distractions like crolling habits whose content is irrelevant to your interests, marathons to watching drama series and playing games until you lose track of time.


  1. Dare to take risks

When you decide to become an entrepreneur as well as a full-time worker, you must understand the risks that you can experience, such as losing time to relax. Even though you will have hard times, you can see the bigger picture! Because every effort made will definitely result in benefits for you and others.


Starting to open a business while working can help us to be more ’stable’ financially. In addition, we can also learn to allocate time effectively and prepare ourselves to be managed by a business.


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