Do you often hear the assumption that we shouldn’t mix business matters with our pleasure? It seems that this assumption is just an old cliché, because nowadays there are not a few couples who run businesses together. Of course, doing business with your partner will feel different from your own business. Well, if you have a plan to run a business or are even doing business with a partner, let’s see what you need to consider!


  1. Before building a business, have you built a relationship first?

In a way, your relationship with your partner is the foundation of the business that will be built later. Therefore, before you start a business, first focus on building your relationship, namely through:

  • Accept each other completely

You and your partner may sometimes have doubts about each other. Well, this is what you need to practice. Because basically, both you and your partner both have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Understand each other

When running a business, of course, the influence of leadership is enormous. However, if the business is run with a partner, what you need to do to train leadership is to understand each other first so that you can know what you want and what ways you can do to achieve it.

  • Be open to each other

In the early stages of a relationship, you and your partner should get used to being open to each other. Whatever you feel and think, talk about it together, don’t make each other wonder like playing guesswork.

  • Take time to relax

Of course, chasing love is important, but keep in mind, you and your partner also need free time to relax. Also, enjoy your time for fun things, for example to tell humor to each other


  1. When you build a business with her/him, you can get these things.
  • You can understand your business partners well

Instead of having to learn again to adjust to business partners, you can easily understand your colleagues. So when there are difficulties, you can communicate better.

  • Your timing is more flexible

When running a business with your partner, surely the time you have to meet him is more limited. It’s different if he is your partner. You can discuss business matters in your spare time.

  • Can fight together

As we know, many business owners have started their business alone. However, when you start your business together with her/him, you can reduce feelings of loneliness. There will be people with whom to complain and share stories.


  1. On the other hand, there are things you also need to anticipate, such as the following examples.
  • Personal and professional life no longer has boundaries

Because you can manage your time more flexibly, you and your partner can actually forget about work life balance. For example, when you have business, you miss your leisure time. Hence, try to divide your time more wisely.


  • Problems in business affect personal relationships

When you or your partner have business problems, it is very possible that these problems will affect your persona relationship. To avoid this, make sure you learn to support each other!


  • Conflict when making decisions

It is undeniable that business owners are often required to make decisions quickly. This can sometimes lead to conflict because of differences in opinion between you and your partner. When experiencing this, try to ask the other party for help as your intermediary!


Like in a relationship, doing business with a partner also requires mutual understanding. There will always be difficulties, but if you and your partner have the mindset to understand each other and prioritize your goals, you can definitely go through it together.
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