Customers have an important influence on business growth. The more customers who return to shop at your place of business, the higher the income and reputation of the business. One strategy that businesses can do to improve the shopping experience is through a customer loyalty program.


What is a customer loyalty program?


Customer loyalty program is a business program created to maintain good relations with customers. The program is also a way for business owners to show appreciation for buyers who support their business. There are various types of customer loyalty programs that you can apply. Let’s find out some loyalty program recommendations through the reviews below!

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1. Paid Programs


This loyalty program is often known as a VIP or premium program. Through this premium program, you can provide additional facilities or services that cannot be obtained without a subscription. In addition, you can also give special discounts to customers who join as VIP members.


2. Program Points


The Point Program is one of the strategies commonly used to increase customer satisfaction. You see, this program tends to have a simple mechanism, namely the more nominal transactions, the more points the customer can get. Customers can collect transaction points and make exchanges based on the programs you apply, such as discounts or gifts.


3. Collaboration Program


In addition to holding a customer loyalty program launched by your business, you can also collaborate with other business owners. Through this partnership, you will reach more target customers. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to build good relationships with business partners. When the collaboration program that you and your partners do meets customer expectations, the level of customer satisfaction will increase.

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4. Game Programs


Want to create an attractive customer loyalty program? You can consider games, such as a small darts game that uses a dartboard. On the board, you can write down the types of prizes that customers can get. Through this game program, you can increase brand awareness while showing that your business keeps customers entertained.


5. Cashback Program


Like the point program, the cashback program is obtained after the customer purchases a certain amount. For example, customers who spend a minimum of IDR 50,000 are entitled to a 10% cashback with a maximum total cashback of IDR 10,000. Of course, this program is not only attractive to customers, but also can increase sales figures.


6. Hybrid Program


The hybrid program combines the benefits of several programs, such as cashback, discounts, and priority services. Of course, the various benefits offered through this program will make customers more interested in joining. Usually, hybrid programs that can be followed for free by customers will be more and more in demand.


7. Loyalty Card Member


A recommended customer loyalty program that you can also apply is through a member loyalty card. This card can be used to verify customers as well as collect points. In addition, there is also a card that is used to show the number of customer visits through a stamp. When the number of stamps is full, customers can get products or other attractive offers.


Customer loyalty programs don’t just provide benefits for people who buy or use your products. Business actors can also benefit from this program. So, what kind of program would you implement to impress your customers?

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